Get Well Soon...

Hey Blogland, 

This is a really quick post I wanted to show you the really pretty flowers and cute bear that my Aunty and Uncle sent me. 

When I go to hospital I never expect to get anything off of anyone. I go too often and therefore think no-one should have to get me anything. But getting these in the post really was just the loveliest surprise and put a great big smile on my face :D

I'm going to attempt to go to work on Saturday and we'll see how it goes. I'm still not having any side-affects from the Flolan even after upping my dose yesterday, the stiffness and soreness is slowly going away I'm just going to have to be extra careful that I don't go banging into anybody and make sure i don't do any heavy lifting :). I'm back up at the hospital Next Friday as well and I'll make sure to keep you guys updated :-). So I'm officially on the mend Yay!

Talk soon guys  


  1. Hope your doing well, that bear is super cute!
    Good luck with everything xxx

  2. Hope you are feeling well, I love this blog hearing you story made me sign up for the donor list, so this is really making a difference keep it up! <3 xxx

    1. I'm feeling really good definitely recovering. Thank-you very much Hannah I'm pleased you enjoy reading it. That is so AWESOME it makes me solo happy to hear that people are signing up it's like my ultimate goal and it makes me feel really giddy to hear that it's actually working :)

      Stacie xoxo

  3. Aawww, I bet getting flowers really cheer you up! I hope you feel better and good on your for thinking about going into work on Saturday. I really do admire you and your courage :)

    Rebecca xx

  4. That was so sweet of your aunt and uncle to do that! :D I hope Saturday goes well! Praying for you <3

  5. YAY is right :) great news, I'm happy to hear you're on the mend! good thoughts from California !


  6. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Hope you have a nice weekend

    Corinne x


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