Hospital Essentials

Heya Blogland, 

Right so before I go off to hospital I thought I would give you an idea of what I take to hospital when I have stays there. Obviously I can't take too much because I'm not taking a massive suitcase with me. Now I have estimated that my bathroom essentials will last me around 10-14days. Also I accidentally forgot to put my face wash in the picture but I will also be taking that with me.  

Bathroom essentials

So we have:
- my No.7 night and day face cream. (don't know how much as they were a gift) [daily routine which won't be stopped just because I'm going into hospital] 
- Dove Grapefruit and lemon grass roll on deodorant. (£1.10 from tesco) [Another daily routine LOL]
- John Frieda Brillant Brunette moisturiser shampoo and conditioner. (£1.99 each from Tesco) [I love this stuff have been using it for many years!]
- Soap and Glory body wash, Flake away & Body Butter. (3for2 £2.50 from Boots) [I have fallen for soap and glory and just love them, and love that they do them in mini bottles :D]
- Johnson's cleansing face wipes. (£3.00) [For the end of the day before I wash my face, because I'm not taking my face cleanser, and for when I feeling gross from the hospitalness lol]
- Travel toothbrush and toothpaste (£1.00 from Tesco) [Awesome little thing that will stay clean in my toiletries bag]
- Disposable Gillette razors (No idea how much I got them in a multi pack especially for hospital trips, usually I use a venus razor) [I take a few with me so I don't have extra things to remember when I come home because it would annoy me if I lost my Venus re-usable/refillable one]
- Toiletries bag (£1.00 from Tesco) [Cheap but efficient and a lot more roomy than it looks]

Make-up essentials

Now, generally as a rule whilst in hospital I don't wear very much make-up but I like to have some for when I leave because I hate to feel gross when I leave. Also if I feel a little bit down it always perks me up to do my face, but I'm not going to take my entire make-up collection with me to hospital so I only take a few little bits that will make me feel semi normal again :). 

I will also be taking my Tom Ford brow pencil but I forgot to take it out of the bag thats in the picture, so technically it's in the picture you just can't see it LOL.

Here we Have :- 
- Dragonfly compact mirror (Brought for £18.00 from Monsoon many years ago)
- Rimmel London APOCALIPS shade "Nova" (£4.99 from Boots) [P.S. LOVE THESE] 
- Maybelline Colour-stay lipstick, shade "electric Orange" (Link) [In case I'm feeling in a bold lip colour mood] 
- Vaseline & Nivea pearly shine lip care [Because the air-con in hospitals does serious damage to my lips]
- Benefits ERASE PASTE (Link) [Seriously loving this since I brought it!]
- Clinique super balanced make-up foundation, shade "beige chiffon" (£21.50 from Clinique.co.uk)
- Maxfactor 'The Falsies' (£7.99 from Boots.com) [Because it brightens up a face instantly]
- Stila Natural eyes Palette (Pretty sure this was £25.00 from Boots but it was a christmas present so don't quote me on it) [I won't want to do anything outrageous so just simple neutrals for me]
- Bourjois bronzer (Link) [This is just to give my face a boost because when I stay in hospital I tend to get that look that all patients get which is the pale pasty look of ill people as I call it so it'll hopefully brighten me up a bit :D]

This is a seriously basic make-up bag for me, because normally I would take lots of different alternatives, shades, mascaras, eyeliners etc. But I'm taking what I know works and will just brighten up my face when I'm feeling a little gross and hospitally (<-- real word? probably not lol). 

I hope you guys find this interesting or if you're going to hospital and don't know how to scale it down useful. Big tip take mini body wash and shampoo's etc. it saves ALOT of room trust me! Also I know if I run out I can always have my parents bring me more but all of the above should last me around 10-14days however if you wash your hair everyday (totally don't advise by the way as it destroys your hair!) mini's will not last so bigger bottles are probably recommended.

Also I have asked on my Facebook but I will ask it here, when I go in if they have wifi would you prefer daily updates or just one big one when I come out? 

Talk soon guys 


  1. What a brilliant blog Stacie.I will certainly be following this when I next have to go in. I love all the ideas & so understand "the hospitaly look"! My husband used to get annoyed when I wore makeup(only a little!) in hospital or before appointments. I said if they're clever they should be able to see through a touch of makeup!& as you've said it just makes you feel better. I think it's like when you don't feel like smiling just try to smile & then somehow you feel like smiling! Same with minimal makeup... If you look a little better(sometimes even makeup can't help!) you feel a lot better! & if your morale is o.k you can comply with all the stuff you really don't want to do! I think you should send this blg to No.7 or one of the other brands you use. You're such a good advert for them. Or a magazine? "The essential going into hospital survival kit" Thinking of you for this next stage of your jouney & praying your transplant comes soon. I'm 21 years post transplant heart & lungs. Love Maria X

    1. Thats awesome Maria! Sometimes I think people think I'm crazy when I say I gain a horrible hospital look, but it's great to know I'm not the only one who feel like that :). LOL I don't think I'd be very good at advertising things because I have to speak my mind and if they asked me to advertise something and I didn't like it I'd have to say so LOL. Thank-you Maria and a MASSIVE congratulations on your 21years :D


  2. Good Luck Stacie! You just update as and when you feel, focus on things going well first and foremost. Great make up basics, I know what you mean about looking pasty pale after hospital stays so the bronzer will definitely come in handy- I really like the one you've picked.
    Hope you're doing ok, stay strong- Life is worth the fight :)
    Laura xx


    1. Thank-you Laura! I think it's definitely my favourite at the moment especially because I don't like something too dark because I'm quite pale anyway and this is good just for a bit of a glow :).

      I'll make sure to update when I can :)

      Stacie xoxo

  3. Hi Stacie Good luck at the Hospital, I hope it all goes well!!
    Rebecca xxx

    1. Hi Rebecca! Thank-you! I'm sure it will, or at least all my fingers and toes are crossed that it does LOL :D


  4. Don't forgot to bring lots of underwear!! LOL A must have for me.

    1. Lol definitely I think I'm pack around 20pairs certainly something I refuse to run out of :D. I didn't think people would wanna see pictures of my underwear, clothes/PJ's :D

  5. Good luck Stacie! Update as much as you can, since we're all sending our good thoughts to you!

    love from California,


  6. Best of luck to you Stacie!! I will be thinking about you and hoping your hospital stay is as short as possible. xo
    PS I love that quote in your last blog I think it is absolutely brilliant!

  7. That's a very interesting post! Very informative actually. My sister is expecting, I will definitely suggest her this things.

    Thanks Stacie

  8. The little travel sized products they are so cute.



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