Make-up Binge!

Heya Blogland, 

Well this morning I had to make my way to the doctors because as of late I have been feeling pretty shit if I'm honest (blog post on that later) but anyway afterwards I had to go pick up my prescription at Boots, which took me 30 mins to walk to from the bus by the way, I got there and they didn't have my pills, whoop for rubbish Boots pharmacy! Anywho feeling a little sorry for myself and just generally rubbish I decided to look around and we all know what that led to! A Make-up haul! 

Benefits Brow Zings - Benefits They're Real! - Maybelline Colour stay lipstick - Barry M Nail Paint texture - Bourjois Delice de Poudre - Benefits ERASE paste - Clinique super balanced make-up foundation - Real Techniques stippling brush - Retractable Kabuki brush.

So I have become a bit of a Benefit junky it must be said but I do find their products pretty awesome and I think I'm drawn in by their packaging too :/ Oh Dear LOL. 

- Benefits Brow Zings --> I got this because I have read about a billion reviews on it and it has taken me a while to decide whether to buy it because I get buy just fine with my Tom Ford eye pencil but figured I should give something else a go because my Tom ford eye pencil isn't exactly cheap (being over £30) so I really need to find cheaper alternatives to things. I got it in the colour Medium or 08 if you're going by numbers and it was £23.50 so a lot cheaper than the over £30 I'm currently spending :). 

- Benefits They're Real Mascara --> Once again I have heard amazing things about this one and figured I should give it ago I got it in the standard black and it was £18.50 which is a little more than I usually like to spend on a mascara but figured it should be worth it considering all the amazing things I have heard. 

-   Maybelline Colour stay lipstick --> Now this I brought just because I've been looking for a really nice orange lipstick for Daytime wear I find Mac's Morange (which I love) just a little to much for daytime wear so wanted something that was still orange but not so in your face that people are like WOAH! So I got this in the shade 912/Electric Orange and it seems alright so far it was £7.19 :).

- Barry M Nail Paint texture --> I brought this in the shade Ridley Road 308 and I like the colour because it's rather springy even if we aren't having a spring as of yet lol. I also really wanted to try out these textured nail varnishes and see what they were like. £3.99

- Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder --> I brought this one based on reviews and posts I have read on it also I'm someone that doesn't like a really dark contour but like it so it's still there, does that make sense? but anyway I also love the idea of a bit of glittery sunshine being in there too £6.99 :D

- Benefits ERASE paste --> I got this in the shade no. 1 Fair. I'm always looking for the perfect concealer don't ask me why I must own quite a few by now but this one looked pretty and looked like it had promise :). £19.50 

- Clinique super balanced make-up foundation --> This is my all time favourite foundation, I love it above everything else and I recently ran out so had to re-buy it it was down to £21.50 BARGAIN! I wear it in the shade beige chiffon/36. 

- Real Techniques stippling brush --> I pretty much own all of the real techniques brushes and figured I should add this one to my collection. £11.99

- Retractable Kabuki --> This brush appealed to me because even though my make-up bag isn't dirty I always feel like I have to carry my brushes in a separate bag so I figured by buying the retractable kabuki this would stomp out my fears of have gross brushes :) £12.99 

Let me know if you have tried any of these and if they are any good, or if I've just wasted my money LOL 

Talk soon guys 


  1. Okay, I am officially jealous! Hope your feeling better soon xx

  2. Nothing like a bit of shopping to make you feel better! The Real Techniques brush is amazing, I brought it last week and have fallen in love.


  3. Ah I'm so jealous. In love with everything you've bought! Can't wait for my next boots binge!!

    Jaime xx


  4. I'm completely in love with Benefit, I've yet to try a product of theirs I don't like. For the Erase Paste though, you should try warm it up a little before you use it - even just rolling the wee tub in your hands for a few minutes. I found it made it easier to apply :) xx


    1. Hi Dannielle I'm the same except the first time I bought Boing I brought it in the wrong colour but after that everything was fine lol I've used it when it has been quite warm and fairly pliable at the moment but thats a great tip for when it's really chilly :).


  5. Think you definitely deserve this all Stacie :) x

  6. Oh wowza what a great haul! I love super balanced too :) just re bought it and I loveeeee it :) and I love erase paste and browzings ahah this is like my perfect shopping selection :) hope you're feeling a bit better! Nothing like a little make up splurge to cheer you up!!xx

  7. Oh my goodness, I wish all that was sitting on my desk! Really want to try the Benefit theyre real mascara!



  8. All of the Benefit stuff is amazing - have fun!

  9. All the Benefit stuff is amazing - have fun!

  10. Hey sweet :-) The Benefit mascara is honestly amazing, you will love it if you love long separated eye lashes, not clumpy at all, ever. As for Brow Zings, aaaamazing, fab little tools for creating the perfect brow every time! I love Benefit, however I haven't tried Erase Paste. I currently use Boi-ing but no doubt I'll be trying Erase Paste after.

    Hope you're feeling ok and every girl deserves a splurge every now and then - enjoy!

    Lots of love ❤


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