Hey Blogland, 

Well this evening has been stressful, really, really stressful... 

So I was doing my drug change like I normally do and today was the day I change the little connector between the one line to the other. and all of a sudden it decides it wants to start flowing with blood. Now my line is not meant to have blood in it at all let alone be flowing with the stuff. So I acted quickly and put my finger over it to stop the blood while my dad got out a cap to put over it so I could then figure out what the hell to do. I firstly rang the Hammersmith numbers I have to try and get hold of my PH team but could I get hold of anyone? Obviously the universe has something against me and I couldn't get hold of anyone! I then rang my friend Kath to see if she had experienced anything like it, which she hadn't, then I opened it up to all PH people on Facebook whilst also dialling 999 so I could get to A&E. 

At this point I was starting to worry because you need to be on the drug 24/7 and I wasn't sure if I should just attach the drug onto it or not. The problem is if I did that i risked the blood flowing into the rest of the line because I'm on quite a small dose the pressure coming from my body was probably higher than the pressure coming from the pump so I needed to reverse the pressure. So a paramedic turned up at my house and found out what was happening and spoke to a nurse from Hammersmith who we had managed to get through to she advise going to A&E and that from what she could tell from the information she had that it would probably just needed flushing with Saline. 

So I got the blue light experience that I didn't get on Monday, I got a strange sense of pleasure out of it LOL. When I got to the hospital I was lucky enough to be seen by a doctor who had actually  dealt with my type of line before  and so felt confident that he knew what he was doing, although none of the nurses wanted to even go near it. He flushed it with Saline and because it went though totally fine and no blood came back up the line we think I may have not been screwing my connector thing on tight enough, therefore letting air into the line and when my blood pressure got to high because there was air it meant that the blood could come out. But I went without he drug for about 2 hours so I'm feeling a bit Urghhhh at the moment but I think after a good night sleep I will be fine. I have to ring Hammersmith tomorrow morning and they'll probably want me to pay them a visit very soon just to make sure the line isn't faulty in any way. 

PLease ignore how horrid I look and overly large I look The hospital gowns are very unflattering and I didn't have it on properly lol 
Hopefully I won't have any more stressful experiences but if life has taught me anything stuff tends to happen in 3's so lets hope not LOL 

Chat soon guys 


  1. Hi Stacie.
    Having had a groshong line for PAH drug treatment for nearly two and a half years....This has happened to me several times when changing the bung... nothing to panic about(although the first time it happened to me it scared me too). Speak to your PH team but when it happens to me I just carry on with the procedure and all is well. (Less people who touch it the less possibility of infections)!
    Good luck.

    1. Thank-you!!! I've spoken to my PH team this morning and tif it happens again they plan on taking this line out and changing it it because it probably means that the line is faulty but hopefully all will be good :) xoxo

  2. Glad you got to the hospital safely, and that the situation was sorted quickly :) Hope you feel better soon lovely! x

    1. Aww thank-you Rosie, I feel much better today although I was little scared to go to sleep in case it happened again but at least it's over and it was a good learning curve LOL.


  3. How scary! Glad you made it to A&E & got it sorted.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post:)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo


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