Hello my beautiful Blogland, 

Last Monday evening when I got my false alarm I was actually in the process of writing a blog because I felt like we hadn't really spoken in a while. Well we had in the sense that I had made sure to update you on the medical side of my life but my actual real life, if you will, I hadn't said much about so I wanted to just do a nice catch-up blog for you :). 

So The reason I've been a bit absent lately other than the medically stuff is because I've been bogged up with uni work. I do still have one more essay to do before I have a break till October but I've got a bit of time so whilst I have this time I wanted to spend some time on here. Also I don't really have the longest attention span in the world I tend to refer to myself as a the queen of procrastination, I find any and all excuses not to do any work, but I've been the same for as long as I can remember LOL. 

My best friend ran away to Australia this month as well. When I say ran away she didn't 'run' away she moved there with her boyfriend but that was really sad for me because we've been best friends for nearly 12 years (we obviously still will be) but it's just sad because until I get my transplant I can't go visit her. She's going to try and come back annually and when my sister gets married and there's obviously still Skype and Facetime and all that type of stuff but it's not same is it?

Me, Megan and Gina at Gina's goodbye BBQ
Before I got my call last Monday, the day before we got a lovely visit from some family members on the Sunday which was really lovely because we never really get a chance to see them too often.  They got to see Spencer my little nephew who was born back on new years eve and see Jaydon too as it's a been about a year since we last saw them. It's really good to just to chill out and talk in a pub with some yummy food. I felt really bad as well because it took them something like 4 hours to get to us because the roads were awful and a caravan or something had, had a crash but they go here in the end. 

My Auntie Sue and little Spencer 
Megan and Little Spence 
My mumsie, Me and auntie Sue 
Jaydon being king of the castle  
Little Spencer and Uncle John
My Nan and my dad :)
We went looking at wedding venues for my Sister Megan yesterday and we saw a really beautiful one that we all fell in  love with but obviously to be more sensible they've got to view lots more venues before they actually pick one. The good thing is because they don't plan on getting married until 2016 they have time to really look around but there's part of me that really thinks the one we saw yesterday will be 'the' one :D. They don't want to get married in a church which I get and they would prefer that it was all in the same place. We did see a lovely hotel which I personally wouldn't mind staying in, because it was a nice hotel, but the bit where you would get married had the most horrid garish Orange carpet in the place where you would get married. Now I know you shouldn't decided on a place based only on a carpet but we were looking at previous weddings that had been held there and seriously NO matter what colour scheme you had there was NO getting around that carpet! We all liked the idea of having everything in one space so you didn't have to do any travelling to get to where you needed to be but it just wasn't the place. The place we loved you would have to stay somewhere the night before and travel there but it gives meggy and excuse to have a nice car :D. 

Right guys I'll have more stuff going on soon as I have a day out with my older sister on Friday and Meggy and I have our Vampire Diaries convention soon too! I can't describe how excited I am for it!!! So more interesting blogs to come soon I promise. 

I must figure out some stuff to do in my 3 months off as well. If any of you guys have any suggestions of things to do in England (preferably the midlands/south) thats not really expensive that would be awesome :). 

I'm currently also trying to think of a giveaway for my 1 year Blogaversary as that is coming up in July and I would like to celebrate so if there is anything you guys think would be particularly good then let me know. 

Chat soon Guys


  1. It's always sad when a good friend moves away. If my best friend meets her conditional she'll be moving to the Scottish borders and I want her to go because it'll be great for her but at the same time I'll miss her so much! x

  2. Cadbury World is a great midlands day out and I think they do a student discount day in the week which makes it even more affordable! :) xx


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