Ice-Cream Cake...

Easiest cake in the world to make...

Sorry for bad picture quality it was taken on my iPhone
Sorry for bad picture quality it was taken on my iPhone
So up above we have the 'cake' I made today. It's actually Nigella's  ice-cream cake and seriously it is the easiest thing ever to make and you can make it to your preference as well. Mine has honey roasted peanuts, milk chocolate chips, crunchie and bourbons in. It sounds like a lot but it really is an amazing combination of flavours. It is an insanely sweet dessert so the peanuts really are a must for me because that bit of saltness just cuts into that a bit. 

It's a throw it all together and that's it thing and my mum who doesn't really like too much in ice-cream Really liked it. I think the ice-cream by itself would be enough but if you want to add a bit of extra yumminess to it like I did I made the Butterscotch sauce to go with it which tasted amazing because it was all warm and SOOOO Yummy. 

I like to make things that are easy but still good. This is far from boring either like my mum said there was a different taste/texture every-time you had a mouthful. This maybe isn't the best idea if you're counting the calories as there's a lot of sugar, chocolate and cream in it. But if you are having a indulge yourself day I really think this is something worth making and although when I made it I thought there wasn't enough to feed the 8-10 people it recommends I can certainly understand why it can because I had a tough time finishing the slice in the picture because it is so rich and filling. 

Anyway I just wanted to share with you my little creation today and totally recommend people making it, it takes like 10 minutes to prepare and then all you have to do is chuck it in the freezer and forget about it till dessert time :D. 


  1. This looks so yummy! I will have to save this recipe till after my diet.


  2. Looks amazing. The children will love it (andm me too lol) I'll get my Nigella recipe books out


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