"THE CALL"... Take One...

Hello my lovely Blogland!

So as my wonderful friends, family and Facebook friends will already know last night I got a call, THE call and as you can obviously tell it didn't quite go to plan as I'm obviously writing this blogpost LOL. So here's the story... 

At 10:44pm last night I got a call from a transplant guy at Papworth and this conversation consisted of me trying to breathe it kind of went like this 

Transplant guy: "Hi Stacie this is blah blah from the Papworth transplant team"(cannot for the life of me remember this guys name)
Me: "Ummmmmm Hi!"
Transplant guy: "This is just a phone-call to let know that there's a chance there may be organs available for you but we need to ask you a question first"
Me: "Errrrr okay...." (trying not to hyperventilate at this point and trying to discretely wake my mum up by poking her leg)
Transplant guy: "The reason they are only potential is because this donor has a history of intravenous drug use... but we've done checks and they've been clean for 10 years and all the necessary blood tests have come back clear no HIV, no AIDS none of that, but on the form you sent back you said you didn't know if you would take organs from a previous drug user but we wanted to ring you and reassure you that all the necessary tests have and will be carried out before anything happens" 

Now the reason I put 'Don't know' on the form is because I really didn't know what I would say if I was asked that question but at least now we do LOL. 

Me: "Ummmmm okay let me just ask my mum" "Muuuuummmmm, Mummmmm, Mummmmmm, Should I take these organs?"
Mum: "What are you going on about Stacie?"
Me: "Should I take these organs?"
Mum: "Who are you talking to Stacie?"
Me: "The transplant people!"
Mum: "WHAT?!"
Me: "Yeah! they have organs for me but the person has a history of drug use, do I take them?"

My mother was a bit befuddled at this point but I decided that I would take them plus it might not still happen anyway. 

Me: "Okay, yeah!" 
Transplant guy: "Okay Stacie, now please try to stay calm, don't eat or drink anything we still have some tests to carry out but we will ring you back in about an hour to let you know if we are going to send a car for you and if it's going ahead, make sure you are ready to go, okay?"
Me: "I really wish you had rung me like 10 mins before you did I just ate some rainbow drops LOL"
Transplant guy: "Well don't eat anything from now okay?"
Me: "OKAY! EEEEPPPP Excited!!!!"

At this point we ended the conversation and my parents started to run round like maniacs when I say parents I really mean my mother and me LOL. 

It was actually quite a short hour for me because I was letting all the people I needed to what was happening because I have some nearest and dearest on my list of people to let know first and so a text  messaging, Facebook messaging and Twitter Direst Messaging battle commenced LOL. 

Then again at 5 past midnight my phone rang again with that blocked number and it was the transplant co-ordinator Tracy to tell me that so far so good the organs were a go and they were sending a car to me to come get me and take me to Papworth!

Now this drive was the slowest and longest drive of my entire life... I was really tired too so it was quiet journey too. 

However as we got to the hospital they found out after more testing that the the lungs weren't good enough and that meant that the transplant couldn't go ahead but luckily for someone the heart was still viable! So some lucky person could have got their heart transplant this morning which is what is amazing about donors because they have the opportunity to save so many people :D. 

When we got there they let us chill out get some food and a cup of tea because it was such a long drive and they didn't want to just see us on our way. I started to talk to Tracy and told her that I didn't believe it was going to happen until it happened anyway because I couldn't believe I even had a call because they very rarely do heart and lung transplants and my friend Anne had just had one like 10 days ago, then I talked about how she was actually here and how it was a shame that it was like 3am. She then said she would go check and see if she was awake and if she was she would let me go see her. 

Luckily Anne was awake and I got to go have a chat with her! She is looking so unbelievably well and I can't actually believe she has just had a transplant because she was even walking to come see me which I was amazed by! We got to have a great chat for about 45 minutes and even though it didn't happen it was all worth it to see Anne, because I had really wanted to go see her ever since she had been allowed visitors. 

Right now I'm okay still not sure what happened, it feels kind of like it was a dream but I'm pleased it happened because there was a part of me, as you all know, that was starting to worry that I had been forgotten about but the fact that I got a call tonight proves that I'm not. It's a little annoying that it didn't happen and I'm sure on one of my bad days I will be really angry that it didn't happen but as of right now I'm just pleased that I got to have a practise run and that I'm not lost in the shuffle somewhere :D 

Once again thank-you to everyone who wished me well last night/this morning it's great to know that I have such an amazing support system behind me :D Lets all just hope the next call isn't 13 months away LOL Oooo and interesting fact the call actually happened on my 13 month Transplant list aversary :D 


  1. Ah that sucks, but I'm so glad you got to see your friend! Fingers crossed you'll get another call very soon! xox

  2. Ahhh..I'm so sorry this didn't work out for you, but you will get your organs!

  3. It's so good that you have such a positive outlook on not being able to have it in then end! I wish you and Anne so much luck Xxx

  4. I wish you luck that they will SOON call again!!!

  5. I was so excited for you a the start of that post! dont worry tht will call soon.
    I think this blog has convinced me to get a donor card.
    thank you:-)

  6. So sorry it didn't work out for you Stacie :( I'm sure it will next time though x

  7. I got so excited for you at the beginning! I hope you get another call soon :) x x

  8. As well as all the others I was really really excited at the beginning and by really I mean it, it is incredible how much you can feel through someones words, I mean we don't even know each other and I started dancing around hahaha
    Eitherway hope is always there and this is def. a good sign! Good luck!!!

  9. Glad that you can keep such a positive attitude! I hope you'll get another call soon (:

  10. Really amazed by your story!! So sorry you didn't get the lungs, but I am amazed that you stayed so positive and grateful!! Being happy for someone else in that moment shows so much of a person!! I really do hope you'll soon get a call again but this time it will happen!!
    Wishing you all the best I can!!!

    Christina xx


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