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Heya Blogland, 

Well I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA for a while and I will be for a little while. I have a uni essay due in next week so this weekend and week will be spent doing that. 

The Flolan is going well, I've upped my dose twice more since hospital, the only side affect I'm having at the moment is really awful migraines but I get headaches from my Sildenifil and Bosentan so I assume the Flolan is just making those worse Nothing I can't handle though, although it did stop me going to work this morning because I couldn't even stand the light. 

I went to Hammersmith yesterday, and to be honest it was the most boring day ever. If I had been having issues with the Flolan then it would have been beneficial in some way but because I haven't had any issues, it was just a day of waiting for doctors to come and speak to me. I also had the stitch removed from the main site area, that was a bit of hassle because where they didn't change my  dressing soon enough the week they put it in, blood had sort of encrusted in the stitch and they had to wind it around the line a little, so the nurse doing it had a bit of a tough time trying to get it off without nicking the line. But after 20 minutes of careful picking she managed it :).It looks a lot better now and the bruising is definitely going down too :D. 

I also thought I would show you some things I got in the post today. The little pouch that you get given for the pump is a standard grey thing that they obviously choose because it goes with male and female and they can whack it out in batches but to be perfectly honest it is so ugly and I really hate, okay not hate but dislike it. So I decided to buy a Joey Pouch. Now Joey pouch is company that was created by a guy called Dan Male who had Pulmonary Hypertension like me. He also had a pump and didn't like the pouches that came with the pumps and decided to make one for himself. He then decided to expand because there are a lot of other PH patients who feel the same way and he also decided to expand into other pump ranges etc. Here's the link if you want to check out his whole story and the other ranges that they do click here. Unfortunately Dan passed away but his legacy still lives on through Joey Pouch. 

Here is the stuff you get initially when you get your pump:-

Waistband, grey pouch and lanyard 
Now here's what I brought from Joey Pouch:- 

 ^^^ Here's a flowery one that I really love it's actually pinker in real life but I may have had my flash on too bright :-/ LOL, it' actually slimmer than the grey one and it's something that I don't mind people seeing, if that makes any sense?

Here we have corduroy black material and it has little pink flowers on it, which I love :D, I like the fact that it is plainish with little details on it, it'll be good for work and it'll pretty much go with all my clothes :D. I also brought a back waistband as well although I will probably continue to use my white waistband as well and I'm going to try and find more lanyards as well :).
Talk soon guys  


  1. Stacie I bought a handful of them too, to match everything! I've also made some nice little shoulder bags and lanyards in all different colours to match. Lol a girl has to have her fashion and matching bags! A few more fashion hints: I've acquired a whole range of vest tops to cover up the site if I want to wear something a bit lower cut; some chunky jewellery, a scarf or cardi can take the eye of your neck and bump very nicely too!

  2. Good luck with your essay!!!

    The joey pouches look really really cute!

    I hope the migraines go away and you keep doing well with Flolan!

    A big internet hug,


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