ISF Bracelet...

Hello Beautiful Blogand, 

Well as you guys know I constantly go on and on and on about you guys joining the organ donor register  and I continually go on about my Pulmonary Hypertension as well as I'm fairly passionate about spreading awareness for both but I also make sure to do my part to. 

I always think it would be selfish of me if I was always asking people to join the register and pay more attention to the lesser known diseases like PH unless I was also giving back. 

It's not something I advertise all that much because why would I? But I do make sure that at least once a month I give to something and they tend to be maybe friends who are doing walks/runs for charity or like this month when I brought my ISF bracelet of which a percentage of the money goes to the Ian Somerhalder foundation. 

Sometimes I can give more sometimes it's only £5 but it makes me feel good to know I'm giving back. 

I believe in life we all need help at some point and I can't just expect people to help me. 

I'm a great believer in karma and what goes around comes around. 

I'm not rich but I believe in helping people where and when I can and so I thought I would show you the beautiful bracelet that I actually wanted anyway and it was just a massive bonus that money goes to charity in return. 

I brought it here
Check out what ISF is all about here 

Chat soon Guys



Heya Blogland, 

I like this because I do believe that everything happens for a reason
Well today is officially the day that I have been on the transplant list for 14 months today. There are days when it certainly feels longer but then there are days when I actually forget, I think the longer you are on the list the more frequent these days happen. Especially when I have things to be doing or I'm busy. 

This weekend just gone I was actually hoping not to get the call. Now I'm not saying I would have said no had the call actually come this weekend but I so very rarely get a chance to just get away and do something for myself that doesn't revolve around hospitals and doctors appointments and although this weekend didn't let me forget that, it was just a time to get away and enjoy something that my sister and I enjoy plus the amount of money I spent (that was non-refundable) would have been a total punch in the face LOL, and I had been looking forward to it all year as well. I did actually get a phone-call from the blood and transplant team and when I saw that blocked number I was just like "seriously?!" But it was actually regarding something else. When I got off of the phone there was part of me that was pleased that it wasn't my call and then I felt guilty because I was pleased it wasn't and then I felt a little downhearted because it actually wasn't my call. A very odd sensation of emotions LOL.  

I really kind of hope that my transplant is this month, for those that don't know 14 is my favourite/lucky number, it turns up quite a lot in my life. Me and my sister were born on the 14th of December and we were born within the 14:00 hour and we were born 14 minutes apart also my nephew was born on the 14th of September and there are various other points in time where 14 has played a part in my life and these are all probably just coincidence but I like to think they mean something :). So maybe the 14th month of me waiting will be my lucky month. Also now that this weekend is over I am more than happy for it to happen any time now!

Chat soon Guys


The wonderer returns... with lots of vampire photos :D

Hello My beautiful Blogland

Okay soooo I maybe didn't wonder that far, only a an hour and half up north but I most certainly did come back with a lot of vampire photos and by that I mean the actors who play vampires :D. 

It was the most amazing weekend! It's hard to put down in words why I enjoyed it so much because I know some people reading this will think OMG why is she so excited about meeting a few people who play some vampires? Well I'll try and get across why as I explain the weekend. 

We got there on Friday after checking into the hotel we met up with some of our con chummies who we had met last year and had a good old catch up. Then we went and registered and that actually has to be the smoothest registration I've ever had, people followed the times they were meant to register and it just meant we didn't have to queue for too long, the reason I say this is because last year nobody seemed to follow the time they were meant to go register and it was just really manic whereas this year it just seemed far more relaxed and easy. We then got to go buy some of the photos and autos which weren't included in our upgrade and that has to be least I've ever spent when getting to a convention as well LOL it was all going far to well at this point. I then got to chat to some more con chummies who were actually helping out and working it and that was good because as a whole we only ever get to chat on Facebook and twitter and all that type of stuff so it's always good to see people in person :D. 

After all this me and Megan went up to our room and unfortunately this is where the smooth sailing ended that day for me LOL. I could feel that my stomach was wet and there was only one reason for it, my Line had cracked. Now earlier on that morning I had attempted to change my BDQ connector, now every week this seems to get harder and harder it jut never wants to come off. So me and my mum has tried to get it off and I think because I had been trying so hard I accidentally reversed the pressure in my line so once again blood decided to come out of my line again, we didn't panic this time though we just just attached the new line and drugs and we decided to leave the BDQ connector till monday because I'd asked my doctor what I should do in that type of situation when I was in hospital and she said not to let it interfere with my life, so I didn't. So having not achieved getting the BDQ connector off and having a lovely bloody lap I thought that was my bad luck for the weekend. But when we found out that the BDQ connector was actually cracked we had to call the paramedics to the hotel because me and Meg couldn't get it off again! The Paramedic were SO lovely and were just chatting away to us and the bloke got it off in about 2 seconds (typical lol) and then after that we just sat and chatted about my condition and lots of stuff while I did my meds and they did my obs and they were asking lots of questions but they were really pleased that it was something simple to sort out and nothing overly complicated and they left enlightened about my condition which always gives me a happy feeling. 

After that lovely mishap Saturday could come :D. 

Saturday was what I can only describe as a blur so much stuff to and I have to say Rogue (who run the event) were amazing I got access which means you can go first in your group because I obviously can't stand for too long and I had my oxygen with me sometimes and by having that it really meant I could enjoy the weekend without worrying about feeling awful at the end of it. But props to my sister she pushed me around all weekend and that is no mean feet. 

We got through almost all our photos on the first day which meant that Sunday could be more relaxed and we could enjoy the stage talks, we did however have to get up at 2:30am to get a Nate coffee lounge (a talk with about 25 other people talking to the actor) which although tiring was totally worth it because Nate is what I can only call inspiring, he truly and passionately believes in what he talks about and after you've listened to him talk it just makes you want to be a better person because of it. I think Ian also has the same affect because he also  really just wants to make the world a better place, these guys really do just make you want to help the world and do good things with your life. 

I was a extremely lucky girl as well because I get to talk to Nate quite a bit on twitter because last year we met and he found out about my  condition etc. and asked to be kept up-to-date and stuff and before they started Nate's photos he asked if we could chat for bit, which we did for about 10 mins just catching up and then Nate gave me such a beautiful necklace which he brought from Italy for me and it is a heart with a cross in it and we both hope it will be my lucky charm this year :D. 

I think the reason I love these conventions so much is because these people not just the actors but the friends that you make while you're queuing up and waiting in the main hall for a talk to start, people you otherwise wouldn't normally have met become your friends and I really think that you gain a extra family through conventions and its hard to explain but there's an atmosphere that I've never experienced anywhere else, the excitement, the stress, the anticipation all mixed together just creates something that I've never experienced anywhere else. Even if there wasn't a big main character from a show going to the convention everyone would still have an amazing time because we all have fun together. It's so hard to explain unless you actually go to one of these things but its just soo much fun and if you are thinking about going to something like it I say DO IT!

Here are a few of my photos from the weekend I'm not gonna bombard you with all of them though because that would turn this post into a very long post but if you follow me on Facebook or twitter you'll see all of them Hope you enjoy enjoy:- 

Our big Group photo

Nate Buzolic, Me and Seb Roche

Ian Somerhalder, Me and Matt Davis
Chat soon Guys


Nails Galore...

Heya Blogland, 

So This weekend I went out to buy some last minute essentials for Megan and my Vampire Diaries convention on Friday and obviously  I have NO self restraint whatsoever. Nail varnish was on my to-buy list but not the extent I went Whoops!

Anyway so I thought I would show you what it is I brought and what my opinions on them are :)...

Bourjois So laque glossy & Bourjois Manucure Toppings 
Essie - Muchi Muchi, Blanc & Sand Tropez 
Butter London - Jasper
Barry M Gelly 'n' Shine - Papaya & Key Lime 
Sinful Colours - Call you Later 
Call you later - Jasper - Key Lime - Papaya 
Bourjois So laque glossy and manucure toppings - Sand Tropez - Muchi Muchi - Blanc
I Really apologise for the above photo but it was Soooo hard taking a picture of my right hand with my left hand LOL. Also my right hand always looks terrible compared to my left hand LOL I don't know why but I find it extremely impossible to do my own right hand without making a complete cock up of it :). 

So we have quite a few and I will go through them one by one/brand by brand:- 

Sinful Colours - Call You Later 932 - £1.99 --> Now this was purchased as a spur of the moment thing, I walked past a stall of bright vibrant nail polishes called "Sinful Colours" and bright colours tend to draw me in a bit like a magpie to shiny things LOL and I figured it was worth buying one as they were only £1.99. I think you can certainly tell it's on the cheap side because of how many layers you have to apply to make sure it is at least a little opaque. I think it could possibly be because it's a glitter and that may be why as my mum tried some other colours which weren't glitters and they seemed a lot more more opaque with the initial application. So I think if I really needed something for a one night thing it would something that I would definitely turn to. 

Barry M Gelly 'n' Shine - Papaya & Key Lime - £3.99 each --> So I'm actually quite excited about these two because I own a lot of Barry M nail varnishes but until now I haven't actually brought the Gelly 'n' Shine formulation and I really Love it. I really love the way it applies and it just feels really nice on my nails. I really love these colours as well because I been buying colours that are spring and summer colours and I just love these as they will certainly co-ordinate with a lot of my spring/summer wear as well. Plus £3.99 is bargin in my eyes :)

Essie - Muchi Muchi, Blanc & Saint Tropez - £7.99 each --> Now these are your standard Essie nail varnishes I do love Essie especially their packaging and the range of colours that they do but I was in the market to buy some more mute colours that will go with pretty much everything. The Saint Tropez has to be my favourite of the three because of it's stoney verging on grey appearance I just love those types of colours and then blanc and muchi muchi are simple and just clean looking which is what I want sometimes. I do sometimes thing that £7.99 is a bit pricey for what they are but you know me can't resist some nice packaging :P. 

Bourjois So laque glossy & Bourjois Manucure Toppings - 2 for £8 --> Now these I never intended to buy but I just couldn't resist buying them because I've always wanted to try out the whole 'nail caviar' thing. I can't say I'm particularly impressed with it so far, I don't think I have the patience for it. I like nail varnish to be dry within max 5 minutes and this from my 2 attempts thus far just seems a little too fiddly. I think when I get a day that I have a few spare hours to just sit down and do my nails I will give it another full on go and hopefully it will turn out a little better :D. 

Butter London - Jasper - £12.00 --> Here we have my most expensive nail purchase of the day and normally wouldn't spend £12 on a nail varnish but being the plonker I am I didn't even think to look at the price, in my mind why would anyone charge over £10 for a nail varnish? Sooo off I toddled to the till and then the price came up but I don't ever like to be one of those people who goes "Hoooowww Much?!" When I serve people like that at work they annoy me so I will never be one of those people, so because of that I decided to continue on with the purchase because I really am that insecure! But as soon as I tried it I think the £12 price tag is certainly worth it. It it the first yellow that I have come across that only needs 2 coats to be completely and entirely opaque, it went on amazingly, and feels lovely! The yellow is, in my eyes, beautiful! It is a beautiful pastel colour and I have a lot of yellow nail varnishes because I've been looking for just that perfect one and I definitely think I've found it! Now I'm not going to be buying Butter London nail varnishes every week because that would be crazy but I think when I want to treat myself I will certainly be going to the Butter London stand. I also think these could be a contender for my 1 year give away :D

I also brought other things today but they will probably go in another post or this one will get a tad long. Let me know if you would want Butter London nail varnishes as a give away and if people do then thats awesome! 

Chat soon Guys


Upcoming excitement :-O

Heya Blogland, 

Well I literally just sent my end of module assignment for my latest module in my uni work. I now have 3 months off before I have to do any work and and it is a relief. I can't say I enjoyed this latest module very much, but I am very much looking forward to my next one :D.  

And to celebrate this freedom I will going to a Vampire Diaries convention next week which Me and my sister are kind of jumping  for joy over, and the timing for my essay couldn't have been more perfect because last year I had exams and the Vampire diaries convention was before it which therefore meant that I just didn't concentrate on my exams at all because I was too busy thinking about the vampire diaries convention. It might sound sad that my sister and I get all excited about such things but I suppose this  convention is like some-ones band or favourite singer. If anyone were to say anything to me about it being lame I would probably reply "well at least I enjoy something passionately and get excited about something thats better than not enjoying anything and not getting excited about something. Right?" We get to meet like minded individuals who enjoy something as much as we do and we get to actually talk to people that others just see on a tv screen. I don't think thats lame at all. My older sister constantly goes on about how I could buy a holiday with the amount of money I spend at it but the thing is, it IS my holiday it might only be a weekend and it may only be in Birmingham but I can't go abroad and won't be able to for quite sometime and why shouldn't I do something I really enjoy?

We'll be meeting 10 members of the cast which is the most they've had come to one of these things and I am so excited. I'm going to have to take a wheelchair and my oxygen because last year I kind of nearly collapsed walking to the autograph session because I didn't realise how far away it was. I think people thought I was hyperventilating coz I was going to meet famous people, and don't get me wrong I was excited but not hyperventilating excited LOL. Lets just say I'm not looking like an idiot again this year even if it does mean wearing my oxygen :).

We think it might be our last convention because after this one we will pretty much have met all the cast unless they do one next year and Joseph Morgan and Nina Dobrev go because they are the only cast members left that we want to meet but we'll see :)

Here's one of my favourite pictures it's from 2 years ago and I just love it I think it's coz I'm wearing one of my favourite tops in it LOL 

Anyway expect a seriously photo heavy and Vampire Diaries heavy blog soon :)

Chat soon Guys