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I like this because I do believe that everything happens for a reason
Well today is officially the day that I have been on the transplant list for 14 months today. There are days when it certainly feels longer but then there are days when I actually forget, I think the longer you are on the list the more frequent these days happen. Especially when I have things to be doing or I'm busy. 

This weekend just gone I was actually hoping not to get the call. Now I'm not saying I would have said no had the call actually come this weekend but I so very rarely get a chance to just get away and do something for myself that doesn't revolve around hospitals and doctors appointments and although this weekend didn't let me forget that, it was just a time to get away and enjoy something that my sister and I enjoy plus the amount of money I spent (that was non-refundable) would have been a total punch in the face LOL, and I had been looking forward to it all year as well. I did actually get a phone-call from the blood and transplant team and when I saw that blocked number I was just like "seriously?!" But it was actually regarding something else. When I got off of the phone there was part of me that was pleased that it wasn't my call and then I felt guilty because I was pleased it wasn't and then I felt a little downhearted because it actually wasn't my call. A very odd sensation of emotions LOL.  

I really kind of hope that my transplant is this month, for those that don't know 14 is my favourite/lucky number, it turns up quite a lot in my life. Me and my sister were born on the 14th of December and we were born within the 14:00 hour and we were born 14 minutes apart also my nephew was born on the 14th of September and there are various other points in time where 14 has played a part in my life and these are all probably just coincidence but I like to think they mean something :). So maybe the 14th month of me waiting will be my lucky month. Also now that this weekend is over I am more than happy for it to happen any time now!

Chat soon Guys


  1. I've got my fingers crossed that your lucky number is lucky for you again! xx

  2. I will wish you get the call 14 times today!!

    Love from California!


  3. I hope you get your transplant this month too Stacie :D x

  4. The strength you have is so inspiring. Praying for you Stacie! Take care!


    1. Aww thank-you Riley thats really sweet of you :) xoxo

  5. I have my fingers crossed for you! Hopefully you get the call soon! :)

  6. Fingers and toes crossed for you. It will happen.

  7. Stacie your are such an inspirational and genuine person. What you are going through must be so hard and I truly hope you get the transplant soon!

    I'm so glad you advertise on Louise's blog else I might not have found this beautiful blog and I'm gutted that I haven't been on your blog before! Can't wait to read more of your older and upcoming posts :)

    Best wishes, Charlotte xoxox

    If you get a chance my blog is http://charlotteeileen.blogspot.co.uk/
    thank you

    1. HI Charlotte!

      Thank-you so much thats really lovely to read. I really hope you enjoy reading them! I can't vouch for some of the earlier posts as I don't tend to re-read my older posts so I can't remember some them but I really hope they provide some insight :D

      I certainly will go have a look :)

      Much Love Stacie xoxo

    2. Its so lovely to know you have read my comment and replied, thank you! Hahaaa! They are really good, I had a look through some of them. They really do, you are such an inspirational person and you seem so, so lovely.

      Thank you :)

      Love Charlotte xoxox


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