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Heya Blogland, 

So This weekend I went out to buy some last minute essentials for Megan and my Vampire Diaries convention on Friday and obviously  I have NO self restraint whatsoever. Nail varnish was on my to-buy list but not the extent I went Whoops!

Anyway so I thought I would show you what it is I brought and what my opinions on them are :)...

Bourjois So laque glossy & Bourjois Manucure Toppings 
Essie - Muchi Muchi, Blanc & Sand Tropez 
Butter London - Jasper
Barry M Gelly 'n' Shine - Papaya & Key Lime 
Sinful Colours - Call you Later 
Call you later - Jasper - Key Lime - Papaya 
Bourjois So laque glossy and manucure toppings - Sand Tropez - Muchi Muchi - Blanc
I Really apologise for the above photo but it was Soooo hard taking a picture of my right hand with my left hand LOL. Also my right hand always looks terrible compared to my left hand LOL I don't know why but I find it extremely impossible to do my own right hand without making a complete cock up of it :). 

So we have quite a few and I will go through them one by one/brand by brand:- 

Sinful Colours - Call You Later 932 - £1.99 --> Now this was purchased as a spur of the moment thing, I walked past a stall of bright vibrant nail polishes called "Sinful Colours" and bright colours tend to draw me in a bit like a magpie to shiny things LOL and I figured it was worth buying one as they were only £1.99. I think you can certainly tell it's on the cheap side because of how many layers you have to apply to make sure it is at least a little opaque. I think it could possibly be because it's a glitter and that may be why as my mum tried some other colours which weren't glitters and they seemed a lot more more opaque with the initial application. So I think if I really needed something for a one night thing it would something that I would definitely turn to. 

Barry M Gelly 'n' Shine - Papaya & Key Lime - £3.99 each --> So I'm actually quite excited about these two because I own a lot of Barry M nail varnishes but until now I haven't actually brought the Gelly 'n' Shine formulation and I really Love it. I really love the way it applies and it just feels really nice on my nails. I really love these colours as well because I been buying colours that are spring and summer colours and I just love these as they will certainly co-ordinate with a lot of my spring/summer wear as well. Plus £3.99 is bargin in my eyes :)

Essie - Muchi Muchi, Blanc & Saint Tropez - £7.99 each --> Now these are your standard Essie nail varnishes I do love Essie especially their packaging and the range of colours that they do but I was in the market to buy some more mute colours that will go with pretty much everything. The Saint Tropez has to be my favourite of the three because of it's stoney verging on grey appearance I just love those types of colours and then blanc and muchi muchi are simple and just clean looking which is what I want sometimes. I do sometimes thing that £7.99 is a bit pricey for what they are but you know me can't resist some nice packaging :P. 

Bourjois So laque glossy & Bourjois Manucure Toppings - 2 for £8 --> Now these I never intended to buy but I just couldn't resist buying them because I've always wanted to try out the whole 'nail caviar' thing. I can't say I'm particularly impressed with it so far, I don't think I have the patience for it. I like nail varnish to be dry within max 5 minutes and this from my 2 attempts thus far just seems a little too fiddly. I think when I get a day that I have a few spare hours to just sit down and do my nails I will give it another full on go and hopefully it will turn out a little better :D. 

Butter London - Jasper - £12.00 --> Here we have my most expensive nail purchase of the day and normally wouldn't spend £12 on a nail varnish but being the plonker I am I didn't even think to look at the price, in my mind why would anyone charge over £10 for a nail varnish? Sooo off I toddled to the till and then the price came up but I don't ever like to be one of those people who goes "Hoooowww Much?!" When I serve people like that at work they annoy me so I will never be one of those people, so because of that I decided to continue on with the purchase because I really am that insecure! But as soon as I tried it I think the £12 price tag is certainly worth it. It it the first yellow that I have come across that only needs 2 coats to be completely and entirely opaque, it went on amazingly, and feels lovely! The yellow is, in my eyes, beautiful! It is a beautiful pastel colour and I have a lot of yellow nail varnishes because I've been looking for just that perfect one and I definitely think I've found it! Now I'm not going to be buying Butter London nail varnishes every week because that would be crazy but I think when I want to treat myself I will certainly be going to the Butter London stand. I also think these could be a contender for my 1 year give away :D

I also brought other things today but they will probably go in another post or this one will get a tad long. Let me know if you would want Butter London nail varnishes as a give away and if people do then thats awesome! 

Chat soon Guys


  1. I love all the colours you have worn on your left hand! I have been dying to purchase a lime polish and the Barry M one looks lovely on you.

    A butter London Polish giveaway sounds great. Never had one of those polishes before but heard great things about it.

    Rachel xx

  2. I've never seen Barry M Key Lime before! Is it new? Need to keep an eye out for that it's a lovely colour x

  3. They are soooo cute. http://thereisalwaysatwistinthefairytale.blogspot.co.uk/


  4. Such a beautiful collection of nail polishes! Butter London Jasper and Essie Blanc are on my wishlist for this month!
    What are your favourite nail polishes of all time? :) Id be very interested to know!

    p.s. im so glad I cam across your blog, its wonderful!


  5. You have such pretty nails I am super jealous.

  6. Have got a caviar polish that came free with a magazine this month. It looks lovely but I have no idea how to apply it, YouTube to the rescue!!!


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