Upcoming excitement :-O

Heya Blogland, 

Well I literally just sent my end of module assignment for my latest module in my uni work. I now have 3 months off before I have to do any work and and it is a relief. I can't say I enjoyed this latest module very much, but I am very much looking forward to my next one :D.  

And to celebrate this freedom I will going to a Vampire Diaries convention next week which Me and my sister are kind of jumping  for joy over, and the timing for my essay couldn't have been more perfect because last year I had exams and the Vampire diaries convention was before it which therefore meant that I just didn't concentrate on my exams at all because I was too busy thinking about the vampire diaries convention. It might sound sad that my sister and I get all excited about such things but I suppose this  convention is like some-ones band or favourite singer. If anyone were to say anything to me about it being lame I would probably reply "well at least I enjoy something passionately and get excited about something thats better than not enjoying anything and not getting excited about something. Right?" We get to meet like minded individuals who enjoy something as much as we do and we get to actually talk to people that others just see on a tv screen. I don't think thats lame at all. My older sister constantly goes on about how I could buy a holiday with the amount of money I spend at it but the thing is, it IS my holiday it might only be a weekend and it may only be in Birmingham but I can't go abroad and won't be able to for quite sometime and why shouldn't I do something I really enjoy?

We'll be meeting 10 members of the cast which is the most they've had come to one of these things and I am so excited. I'm going to have to take a wheelchair and my oxygen because last year I kind of nearly collapsed walking to the autograph session because I didn't realise how far away it was. I think people thought I was hyperventilating coz I was going to meet famous people, and don't get me wrong I was excited but not hyperventilating excited LOL. Lets just say I'm not looking like an idiot again this year even if it does mean wearing my oxygen :).

We think it might be our last convention because after this one we will pretty much have met all the cast unless they do one next year and Joseph Morgan and Nina Dobrev go because they are the only cast members left that we want to meet but we'll see :)

Here's one of my favourite pictures it's from 2 years ago and I just love it I think it's coz I'm wearing one of my favourite tops in it LOL 

Anyway expect a seriously photo heavy and Vampire Diaries heavy blog soon :)

Chat soon Guys


  1. Omg I didn't even know vampire diaries had a convention lol, I am so jealous you're going, I love that show!

    Kim xx

  2. THIS IS AMAZING!! They made a convention last month in my county but I couldn't go because of the exams. DAMN YOU CLASSES!

    Anyway, I hope you're doing well this year and have so much fun (=

    Maria xx


  3. That sounds super fun! And congrats on finishing up school for the semester! HOpe you are feeling well!

  4. OMG I am so ridiculously jealous! A VD CONVENTION?! I friggin' LOVE that show! I hope you enjoy it and have a good break! You definitely deserve it! :)

  5. You're probably going to fall out of love with my blog in a big way when I say this, but...I really don't like Vampire Diairies! ;) I SO wanted to like it, but just couldn't get into it! Shall I persevere? When does it get good? I only watched a couple of episodes. How exciting to be going to the convention though! :)


    1. LOL I could never fall out of love with your blog Rosie! I don't judge people based on their tv preferences :). It took me probably about 4 episodes to really get into it in the beginning and my sister didn't like it in the beginning either Rosie it took me forcibly making her watch it for her to actually like it LOL. And I forced her to go our first convention I paid for her to go and everything. I definitely think it gets better as you go along and season 2 /3 is probably my favourite :D



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