A little lost and alone...

Hey Blogland,

So this is just a bit of an update on my situation really.

I’m now at the Hammersmith which is good in most ways as it now means I can have my new line put in as soon as my antibiotics have finished which should be Monday because they actually finish Friday/Saturday but nothing happens at hospitals on a weekend so Monday is as soon as they can do it.

I feel a bit lost here this time. There’s a part of me that kind of wished everything could have happened at the Great Western in Swindon because my family got to see me everyday even if it was only an hour here or there, there was enough of them around that they could do that and it meant my days didn’t seem so long. Now I’m here my family still have to work and they can’t just pop up to London when they’ve finished to come see me. Although my dad has tomorrow off so he’s going to come see me then and hopefully my Mum and Dad will see me on Saturday. It’s hard though because I really want to see them but I can’t expect them to travel all this way especially when it’s not cheap. At least when I was in Swindon it was literally a 10 minute drive from everyone’s houses.

Then there’s the fact that the nurses here are not very nice at all. Well I lie a few are okay but the majority don’t give anyone the time of day. I miss being able to have a laugh with the nurses at Swindon they were lovely and it made my day go faster there because I got to have a chat with them. Don’t get me wrong I get to see my PH team everyday and I love seeing them but it’s only for 30 minutes maximum. I don’t currently have anyone in the same bay as me on the ward, (although I’m sure that will change) the problem is if anyone does come on the ward they are either someone who can’t speak English so I can’t speak to them because I don’t speak their language or they are too old and mentally incapacitated so I couldn’t speak to them even if I wanted to. I never get a happy medium I’m not asking for a young person to speak to just someone I can speak to.

I’m so bored already and it’s only Thursday! I’m trying to take lots of naps during the day because it’s so humid at night still so my sleep is horribly broken up I don’t think I’ve had a good night sleep the entire time I’ve been in hospital. I do this because also I hope it breaks up the day a bit. Then any little task I have to do I try make it last twice as long. I suppose the good thing about having really slow internet at the moment is it makes anything I do on the computer last twice as long :).

It’s looking a bit cloudy at the moment here in London I really hope that means a thunderstorm or lots of rain :D

Hope you are all well in blogland    


  1. Sorry you're not having an easy time in London, it must be hard being so far away from your family...hopefully all your friends in blogland will be able to keep you entertained xx

  2. Stacie,we are thinking of you lots and wish we could make it better for you in some way. No doubt you have spent lots of time in hospitals so you are allowed to feel fed up sometimes, specially due to recent events. School holidays started yesterday for Caelum and he says he is bored already so I am making him come with me to walk Fudge which means a trip to the park and the corner shop as a bribe!! Erika is out and about with a better social life than me. Its her birthday on Tuesday so we are off to OMG in Faringdon Road to have our hair done ( have you ever been there?) and then a party next week. maybe you should book something when you are out and have a well deserved pamper,mmmmmm, that would be nice. ( I hope your sister reads this, hint hint!! lol) x x x

  3. Chin up honni xxxx wish we could have sorted u Out in Swindon. , not sure why Hammersmith took u they could have got u down Monday, line in, Out sorted xxx instead your miles always xx.but still u have an.amazing positive outlook xxxx. Chrissy Ccu....x

  4. Hi Stacie, I've been reading your blog for awhile but I don't think I have commented before. I hope your day today is going a bit better now and you are keeping yourself busy in the hospital. It must be hard being away from your family, if I were in your place I'd be surrounding myself with books and magazines and pretending I was somewhere else. Anyway I think I just wanted to say hi for the first time and send you some well wishes... Hopefully your remaining time will fly in and you'll be home before you know it.

  5. Hi Stacie,
    I'm hoping that this time flies by for you. Do you have a way to watch movies? What about a good book or two? if I lived there, I'd come visit....I wish I could!

    sending you NON humid hugs from Cali!



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