At least a week more...

Hey blogland

So I found out today that unfortunately my infection was MUCH further along than me or all my doctors had anticipated, even my Hammersmith doctors. Everyone including myself thought I had caught it in the nick of time, which I did, but unfortunately the wrong side of the nick of time in the sense that if I had left it a few more days it would have been a battle for my life rather than and infection. But now that we know and the fact that I feeling MUCH better means we know we are treating it right it just means I have to stay on very high doses of antibiotics for at least another 6 days to be absolutely certain that the infection is gone. 

At the moment we're not entirely certain whether I'll be moving to Hammersmith just yet but there is still a possibility as it doesn't matter what hospital I'm receiving them in but Hammersmith are having a massive bed shortage at the moment so they may not be able to spare a bed for me, to just sit in for 6 days whilst I get my antibiotics. I don't actually mind though because whilst I'm still in Swindon my family can come visit me and bring me stuff like food being my main priority at the moment lol. 

This also means a new line can't be put in my chest until the treatment is finished because that in itself is an infection risk, by adding a new line whilst I still 'potentially' have an infection means we could just be giving it a site to grow in so better to be safe than sorry. 

Other than me being slightly annoyed at the delay I'm doing good and still pretty much myself and plodding along. I'm going to try and get my parents to bring me my computer and my Internet dongle so I can post my 1year post and my giveaway because I really want to get that underway but trying to navigate your bedroom when your not in it is harder than I thought and I can't remember where my dongle is but my mum is trying to find it for you guys so it will happen soon I promise. 

As always thank you for your continued love and support and hopefully I will write again soon :) 

Stacie xoxo


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