Hospital update

Hey blogland

Once again this is on my phone so please forgive the awful quality. I just thought I'd give you guys a bit of an update about what's going on. 

So I'm still in hospital and still on a high dependancy ward. I'm being pumped full of antibiotics to try and fight the infection I have which has been discovered to have all stemmed from the allergic reaction I had from my dressings and the chloroprep that I usually use on the line site, or used to use I should say. 

I'm still not eating a lot but its picking up a little. I'm now retaining water so I've been put on water tablets which will hopefully fix that whilst also getting my potassium up as well. I'm taking the most disgusting potassium drink! I really can't describe into words how foul it is but it is the only option bar eating about 10 million bananas which I couldn't even if I was well enough to lol. 

I'm probably going to be in this hospital till Sunday/Monday where I will be transferred to Hammersmith who will then whip in a new line and hopefully I will swiftly be on the mend again :) 

A massive thank you to everyone who has wished me well it means so much and I promise to be fighting fit soon. 

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Lots of love 
Stacie xoxo


  1. Keep smiling Stacie I know you will xxxxx

  2. You'll be bouncing back in no time I'm sure. Take care xx

  3. Wishing you a fast recovery! You seem like a really strong person so I'm sure you will bounce back quickly!

  4. Sending you lots of good thoughts today, Stacie!



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