Dust yourself off and try again...

Hey Blogland, 

So I've been home a few days now and it feels so good to just be able to sit on my sofa, my bed, at my desk just to be around my things feels amazing. So far the traipsing to and from hospital hasn't been too much of a hassle. My twin sisters Fiancee is being extremely kind and has offered to drive when my sisters can't as he has 2 weeks off of work. I feel awful about that because he really hates hospital and it's not exactly what some-one wants to be doing on their days off but I really do appreciate it because I was more than happy to get the bus but my doctors were less than thrilled by the idea of me getting a bus whilst I currently still have a few tubes going in me and my exercise tolerance is pretty low at the moment. Although I am working on that I've done quite a bit of walking in the past two days, probably not a lot for a normal person but for me it's quite a bit. 

I got some news on my latest uni module result which I hadn't realised had come through whilst I was in hospital. I debated whether to write it down and tell anyone because by doing that it means it's real and I wasn't sure I wanted it to be yet. Unfortunately I need to redo my End of Module Assignment as I passed the main bulk of the course but I didn't pass the last assignment which was 50% of the overall grade so you HAD to pass it in order to pass the whole module. I kind of knew it was coming, I was so distracted when I was doing it and just was never in the mood to write it I probably didn't deserve to pass it.  Back in School something like this would have knocked me down hard because I have to be in control of everything and when I don't do well at something it really annoys me. Also for some reason when people meet me they have an impression that I'm smart, I'm not really sure why. I'm not stupid don't get me wrong but I've always been pretty average, the grades I get although average I work my ass off for and I'm proud of them but sometimes I get the impression that people expect me to be this outstanding student when in actual fact i'm as average joe as you can get. 

So I've decided not to let this get me down because it's not the end of the world and it can be rectified I just need to work a little bit harder and try not to let life get in the way so much and really focus! So I'm going to dust myself off and try again :) Which is kind of what my Picture Quote is about because I could let this get me down but I won't I'm grateful for whatever life throws at me and after this recent scare I appreciate just being able to be here to try again whether I succeed or fail, I will have tried, I will remain grateful for each and everyday that I get to try. 

On a side note it's August! How the hell did that happen?! I missed July entirely lol


  1. I started to tear up a bit at the end! You are so inspiring, Stacie! The fact that despite everything you are filled with so much positivity is just beyond me! I need to try to live and be grateful for each day like you are. :)


    1. Awww Bless you Mere! I hope it helps you to enjoy and love everyday and I always find just thinking a little more positively even in a negative situation always helps :) xoxo

  2. I came across your blog on the cosmo awards and im very inspired by your blog. I have had a lovely read and i have just connected with you on google connect and blog lovin'. i look forward to more posts :)

    I have recently set up a lifestyle blog too and would love if you could come over and check mine out too:)

    Take care,
    warm wishes and hugs.
    Mollie xoxo

  3. Lovely post and I like the quote too very pretty x


  4. Well done on feeling so positive, and ready to take on your assessment again :) I can't believe it's August already either!

  5. Bit behind on your blogs but I logged on and caught up! I may be on the other side of the world but at least I can stalk you via blogger. He he. Lots of love xxxx

  6. Wow. I can't believe only five minutes ago I was complaining about work. Thank you so much for your blog-slap-in-the-face. I clearly needed it. Really admire your attitude and it is one I try to adopt every day but when it slips, like today, it's good to have a reminder that I have NOTHING to complain about. I will be grateful for this day too and hope your assignment do-over goes ok. It's all about organisation :)


    1. also - I gave you a blogger award :)



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