Fresh New start...

Heya Blogland,

So I'm going to attempt to put my worries aside, well, sort of. I mean it would be reckless and stupid if I completely shoved aside my worries and fears because they are based on sound reasons. I'm going to be a lot more cautious from now on and not be afraid to go to A&E if I have to. Now it's not like I avoided going to A&E last time because I genuinely had no clue that I had the infection, but me as a person, I try to avoid hospitals as much as possible and if I think something is wrong with me I usually wait for it to pass or I try and lengthen it out until my next clinic appointment at either Hammersmith or Papworth so then I don't have any unnecessary hospital appointments in-between. I don't even take pain medication so I don't add extra medication to my already ridiculous list. That however is for my benefit because I don't self medicate when I get my transplant I'll respond nicely to their pain meds when I come round, so essentially that one will benefit me in the long run because I literally only take a spoonful of Calpol if I have a serious migraine. (for those not in the UK Calpol is a children's low dose medication) Anyway coming off of my tangent I will now go to A&E if I even have a niggling feeling that I have an infection like my temp is up and my obs are out of whack because I will now be checking them everyday just in case. 

But anyway moving on from "doom and gloom Stacie" and onto "not gonna let this get in my way Stacie". I very recently got my next uni module stuff through the post and it's the module I have been waiting to sink my teeth into because it is everything I love about history, that being World War One through World War Two and even onwards to the Cold War and that type of thing. I find history fascinating but for me it's all about the 20th Century. It's filled with it's horrors but it's so fascinating and I just cannot get enough! So thats a brand new horizon to look forward to and I'm also still waiting to get another module to come through not quite so interesting but I need to do it to complete my degree so it must be done. 

Now that September is upon us it definitely feels like a good time to just refresh and start over and just shake off the past month or so. For me September is time where you get to do that because in my mind it's still the start of the year. January will never be the start of the year for me because I always started school in September and in my,  still childish brain, September will forever remain the start of the year. You'd come back from the summer holidays, and although you never were, you could be a totally new person it was a fresh start;- New pencil cases, new notebooks, new bag, new school clothes, new shoes, new coat. Everything was brand new and fresh and September will always mean a new start to me and the fact that we are going into autumn also makes me giddy with excitement!

I got to see my very good friend Rosie today which was awesome and certainly made me feel like I was back on the road to normality we got to talk about normal everyday things like the fact that we are becoming old biddies as Rosie becomes 23 in one month and I follow suit in December. Also the guy serving us asked us if we had, had A-levels results today which was slightly hysterical to me because that was a good 4 years ago now but it's good to know me and Rosie can still pass for 18 year olds if we wanted to lol.  We ate lots of yummy pizza hut pizza  which is always a good thing! I also got my haircut which has made me feel great as it was becoming ridiculous. I had actually intended to get it cut back in July but obviously unforeseen circumstances and all that LOL.

I have also invested in Netflix in the vain hope of saving some money because instead of buying every DVD known to man I will just watch it on Netflix. I'm hoping this will curb my DVD addiction a little, so far I have managed to watch all 4 seasons of Heroes which I still love just a by the way and I have now moved onto Buffy the vampire slayer, which I actually watched while it was on but, because I wasn't a sit down and watch it every week watcher, have probably missed a fair few so I'm looking forward to seeing them all :).

This kind of turned into an update blog which I never intended it to be but hey ho I'll run with it lol. I'm off to Hospital tomorrow and hopefully that will be me done with hospitals for at least a month. I've just got to have the stitches taken out of my line site and just a general health overview to make sure I really am on the road to recovery and they'll probably want to take some blood cultures too just to make sure that there's no evil nasties lurking in my blood, which I pray to god there isn't!

So guys Voting also stops for Cosmo blog awards on the 31st so if you want to please vote for me for best lifestyle blog and I will love you forever. See you soon :)


  1. I'm a history buff but for me it's all about the Romans, medieval Britain and the Tudors. I don't really see the 20th century as history but that might be because i was born in 1960 and have spent the majority of my life living in it. :)

  2. such an inspirational blog post, loved it :)

    Leyla xx

  3. Can I just say the design of your blog is so cute and this post is so inspiring! Thanks for posting ;)

  4. I think it's a good idea to just pop down to A&E whenever you feel a bit off, 9 times out of 10 I'm sure it'll be nothing but at least that way you'll be able to put your mind at rest. You are such an amazing lady, you know? xxx


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