I have something to confess...

Heya Blogland, 

So I have something to confess, what is it you ask, well I've started christmas shopping!

Don't shoot me, it is only a recent thing, in my house you have to start christmas shopping pretty damn early. We have so many family members who's birthdays are near christmas and then there's christmas day itself, it's just not feasible to start shopping in say November. I'm also a giver. I don't give people presents to get them back or give someone a present of a certain amount of money expecting the same amount of money to be spent in return. I give presents because I love seeing some-one I love get something they genuinely wanted and now that I have my nephews seeing the utter elation when Jaydon opens his presents is pure joy. Even if Jaydon only plays with the box of his toy that in itself makes me feel all happy inside. 

Although I've been collecting a few bits here and there for Megan's present (because hers is a very bits and bobs present this year) I hadn't really made much headway yet. My mum, sisters and I all made a very big start this weekend though and we are definitely in full swing, although I suspect my mother has been in full swing for a while LOL. 

I brought my nephews presents both birthday and christmas, Megan's christmas and birthday is pretty much done minus one little thing. Both my sisters fiancee's are done and I just have to focus on my mum, dad, older sister and a few friends now. So pretty big dent made I think?

I have also brought a potential dress for the Cosmo Blog awards but I'm finding it extremely difficult to know what to wear. The invitation said dress to impress, now I have some nice dresses that I love but some are too dressy and I don't want to turn up looking like a total and utter ninny but then I can't turn up in a semi casual dress either. Then there's the fact that most of the people going to this thing are kind of beauty/fashion related so how the hell do I wear something that can stand up with all these very fashion conscientious girls who probably also look amazing and are going to be super skinny too? It's extremely hard and I just know I'm going to end up buying about 10 dresses and taking them all to London and panic on the night LOL. Deary me what does one do? Hey Ho I suppose it's a good predicament to be in. :) 

Me and my yummy snow-cone while shopping,
ignore how awful I look I'm make-up less LOL.  
Ridiculous amount of shopping.

Chat soon Guys


  1. I wonder if you wrote to a designer you like & tell them your amazing story they'd let you wear one free of charge? It has to be worth a shot? Or how about a big store? Maria Xxx p.s having said that I'm sure you'll look amazing whatever you wear. Your inner beauty gives you the edge. Love Maria x: )

  2. You are on your shopping A-game, I'm in awe! I'm sure you'll look just wonderful at the Cosmo awards my lovely, no matter what dress you end up wearing! :)

  3. better to be early than late! :D

    please check out my blog, if you have the time,

  4. This blog post is so cute! And congratulations, you'll look great! :)

  5. Great blog :)



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