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So last year when I was put on the transplant list I was asked by my doctors to lose 10kilos and in normal people language thats 22 pounds. Now I battle with losing weight I'm actually useless at it, and it's made all the more difficult by the fact I can't exercise so any weight loss that I have is purely food related. 

I've done the extreme basically starve diet and trust me that one doesn't work because if you're a regular person you generally need food, I tried weight watchers and that worked to a certain extent but I get to a certain point and then I couldn't shift anymore because to shift anymore I would need exercise which I obviously couldn't. So about 2 months ago I had kind of given up hope of losing any weight and was just happy to make sure I didn't go over a particular weight bracket which was at my doctors "this is the most you can weigh" bracket lol.  

I promise this story is going somewhere... So when I was admitted to hospital back in July, they started to pump me full of lots of fluid and drugs and I was at quite a high weight at this point, not my highest but still quite high. They weighed me when I got to A&E and I was exactly what I thought I was and then later on when I was transferred to an actual ward they weighed me again and in those 6 hours I had gained 6kilos/12pounds. I was dumbfounded, how can some-one put 12 pounds on in just a few hours? It took a while to figure out that I was actually retaining water because there were no obvious signs that I was retaining water because I didn't have any swelling anywhere and there was no particular point on my body that showed signs of water retention. 

So after about a week in hospital and everyone being focused on getting my infection under control we then addressed my weight issue, which in my mind I was little more concerned about because by adding that 12 pounds I weighed way more than I should. The only thing we thought it could be was water retention so they stuck me on pretty low doses of Spironolactone and Furosimide and it worked wonders! 

In the space of 5 weeks I have lost 2 stone which has actually been helped along by my just watching what I'm eating, you know less crisps, less chocolate that type of thing, but the fact I've lost that much probably shows that I was retaining water before I was admitted to hospital and was one of the reasons that I was finding it really hard to lose weight. I am now actually 1 pound away from hitting the hospitals weight target, that they want me to reach, I personally would like to lose another 7 pounds as that would then give me a comfortable place to be :). 

I'm so unbelievably chuffed with losing the weight finally because it's something that weighs on my mind when I go to hospital appointments because I was always afraid they'd finally say "No Stacie, you weigh to much! You have to come off of the list" although this might sound like an exaggeration some people actually aren't allowed on the list if they weigh to little or too much because they need you to be within a certain weight range because it's just another factor that goes into finding a donor and unfortunately weighing too much just isn't an option.                      


  1. congratulations chick, very pleased for you, it's hard to think that water could make such a difference!!

    Sparkle princes xxx

  2. Wow, I never knew water could be retained to the extent that it would cause you to gain so much weight. Well done for losing two stone! :-) Jade xxx

  3. Congrats! I am impressed.

    dreampuddleoflove.blogspot.com x

  4. Congratulations. Giving me some motivation over here.



  5. You are an inspiration!



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