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Why Hello Blogland, 

So we are officially in the month of September and I can't begin to describe how happy it makes me to finally be back on this side of the year. It means exciting things start happening in my household and with my family. All week I have bored and just willing for my phone to ring so I can have my transplant just so I can have something to do. It's been a waiting week, to be honest I shouldn't be complaining because I'm lucky that every week for the past 16 and half months hasn't been a waiting week, but when they happen the week feels like several and you can't help but think "for god sake ring damn you" but luckily now we are in September these weeks will hopefully be few and far between. 

So this coming Sunday Megan, James and I are all going to Harry Potter Studios. I know me and Megan have already done this but James has been dying to go (not that he'll admit it, he makes it seem like he's doing me and Megan a favour by coming with us although we all know the truth that he's been dying to go ever since me and Megan went last year) and Megan and I are more than willing to go again and this time I will buy a wand, I will!

Then there's the exciting news that the other day Chris from the NHSBT got in contact with me to ask whether I would mind taking part in a project that channel 4 are doing. I of course said yes and they will be coming to my house on Monday to do a bit of filming. I'm not sure when it will air but it's exciting stuff and I'm looking forward to it. I will let you know when I know anything. 

This evening I have been spending the majority of it searching for pirate themed things for my nephews birthday party in like 10 days. I'm getting a little to into it if I'm honest. I've brought a awesome costume, with matching sword and loads of little bits to go in little party bags. Although saying all this I only now appreciate how much this must have cost the parents of parties I used to go as a kid. I used to go parties where at least 30/40 kids were invited can you imagine how much it must have cost to make party bags for all those kids. I now have a general idea LOL. I've brought pirate chocolate, parrot chocolate, little telescopes, pirate party blowers, a treasure hunt game and loads of other things. I'm most excited! I'm sure I'm not finished but it'll be worth it if my nephew enjoys it :). 

The  there's a few more birthdays to look forward to and then after that the Cosmo Blog awards which I'm really looking forward to! I've booked a hotel for me and my sister to stay in and already brought the train tickets  and I think it's gonna be fun just to meet fellow bloggers and experience and proper blogger event :). I'm also so excited for the world around me to start looking like the picture above. One of my favourite parts about autumn and September :) 

chat soon guys

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  1. Oooh how exciting to be being filmed! I'm so excited it's Autumn too. Happy days :)


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