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So Megan, James and I all went to Harry Potter Studios. Now Megan had actually given tickets to me for my 21st birthday present and we went back in April of last year just a few months before I started this blog. The Studios had just opened for people to go in and look around and we loved every second of it and we were just as excited to be going back and the fact that James wanted to go just gave a awesome excuse to go back :). 

If you grew up watching Harry Potter like me and Megan did and you love it as much as we do then I completely recommend going and seeing it, it exceeds every and all expectations of it, except maybe the butter beer that is disgusting! And yes ladies and gentlemen I finally caved and brought a wand the best £24.95 I ever spent :D I actually brought Hermione's wand because James told me I couldn't have the elder wand because he was buying it, boys, but Hermione's is really pretty and I'm really pleased with it. I also brought a bunch of other stuff and I took pictures of the stuff Meg and James brought as well so you could see that too :D. 

I have been told by Megan and James that I am not allowed to zoom on their pictures because  they hate theirs I however didn;t mind my one so thought I'd show you them :) 
Me on a broom :D
In the car :D 
Everything we brought - Gryffindor pillow £18.50 | Harry Potter film artefact box £34.95 | Quill lolly £2.95 | Dark Mark lolly £2.95 | Car and Broom photos 4 for £24 | Chocolate wand £3.95 | Ministry of Magic mug £9.95 | Hermione Granger wand £24.95 | The elder wand/Dumbledores wand £24.95 
My ministry of magic Mug £9.95
Megan's Harry Potter memorabilia box £34.95
Megan's Harry Potter memorabilia box £34.95
Quill and dark mark lollipops £2.95 each
Chocolate wand £3.95

Mine and James's new wands £24.95 each  
I hope that many of you reading this get to experience the magic of Harry Potter Studios, it is wonderful :D

chat soon guys


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! I went last year and it was one of the best days ever :)
    I love HP a ridiculous amount and I'm now extremely jealous of the memorabilia box...that looks incredible!

    1. They had a Ron and Hermione one too and if I had the spare £105 I would have totally brought all 3 but now I have to sit by and be jealous of Megan lol xoxo

  2. I love these photos so much! I haven't really felt a strong urge to go on the studio tour, but now I really want to! I'd buy one of every type of sweet available!

    1. LOL I think every-one should go at least once :)

  3. Thank you for posting the pics!!!!! looks like a lot of fun - I will go when I next come to England!


    Lori in California

  4. Ahhhh I'm so jealous. I've wanted to go for ages and can't get someone to go with me :(

    Water Painted Dreams


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