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Kath, Bernice, Me and Meggy
So This morning I got the amazing news that my good PH friend and transplant buddy Kath got her phone-call for her heart and lungs, as I write this we still don't know if it's a go but I need somewhere to vent my excitement as we can't put anything on good old Facebook or Twitter yet so here I am just getting out. 

This is the first time I can truly - hand on heart - say I feel no jealousy or anything towards the person who has got their call. I'm just so overwhelmingly happy for Kath. She has been waiting 2 years, yes count that, for her call and I'm just so happy for her. As I write this she and her husband Rob are at Papworth waiting for all the tests to be done on the organs and luckily Papworth have decided to enter the 21st century and actually get wifi so she's able to keep in contact but it could be a good few hours before we find out anything. At least now I know I'll be able to keep in contact with the outside world when I get my call now because my phone literally just does not work at Papworth so now wifi rectifies that matter :D. 

I'm just so happy for Kath because now it means that she'll get to see her daughters get married and have kids and she'll get to experience that with them too and she'll get many more years with Rob and it just makes me so deliriously happy that, that will get to happen :). 

Kath and Rob are literally the nicest people you could ever meet and that there just makes this even better. 

I'll be writing as the day progresses so if this seems a bit mish mash then thats why :).

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So I just got off the phone to Kath's husband Rob (now 13:45) and Kath is officially getting her transplant!!!! Do you know what I love about the transplant community? It's that there is this camaraderie that I've never experienced before. Everybody is SO happy to see some-one get that amazing opportunity at life, and everybody is so happy for that person, it really is an amazing feeling.

Now it's an even more agonising wait to make sure everything goes ahead as planned and Kath comes out the other side with a set of fully functioning heart and lungs.

I'm more than positive that Kath will pull through she's is a tough one and will make sure she does :D.

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So it's been a while since I heard off of Rob but last I heard Kaths organs had been put in successfully and they were attempting to take her off bypass, which is a good thing. I'll probably be up half the night till I know that Kath is safe and sound in ICU but so far so good :).

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And I finally know that Kath is in ICU it's 12:20am. I feel like I've been holding my breath all day and I can finally breathe so everyone please send Kath your very best wishes for a speedy recovery :D

Good night


  1. This is so nice to hear! And I absolutely love your genuine happiness for your friend. That says a lot about the person you are and that's amazing! I'm really hoping and wishing all the best for you and hope that your call comes soon! xo from Switzerland :)

  2. wow that's such good news for Kath! hope she gets out ok!! :)

  3. What good news :)
    I hope you get your call soon!!! xx

  4. Wishing Kath all the luck in the world!


  5. Stacie, I have been following you & Kath's blog all the way from Australia. So thrilled Kath got her transplant after such a long wait. Just fantastic!

  6. Hi Stacie I have been following you & Kath all the way from Australia. So pleased Kath has finally had THE call! Just fantastic. I am also waiting for heart/lung transplant - nearly a year now. Best wishes Kerri

  7. Wishing Kath a speedy recovery! Sending love and good vibes from nyc for the both of you :)


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