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So my next uni modules starts soon and therefore my brain has hit procrastination mode and as a result I have been watching far too many YouTube videos, which a lot have consisted of back to school make-up tutorials which I so wish had existed back when I was at school as I would have looked much better during my school days lol. I know I'm not going back to school but I'll literally do/watch anything to avoid having to any work. But in the process of watching all these videos a few items stood out on my to-buy list all of which happen to be Maybelline. 

Maybelline Baby Lips | Cherry Me | Pink Punch
Maybelline Baby Lips | Cherry Me | Pink Punch 
Maybelline Eye-studio | Iced Fudge | Beige Nude
These few things stood out to me for several reasons, one autumn/winter is on the horizon and me being some-one who has lips that react ridiculously to any change in weather and I spend most of the autumn applying vast quantities of lip balm, vaseline etc. Maybelline's baby lips seemed like a good alternative of a lip balm whilst also adding some lip colour. So far in my week or so of using them they seem pretty good, my lips feel better for using them and they also smell amazing. The price tag is also pretty good I brought both of these at £2.99 and currently at Boots they are buy on get one half price so certainly worth it I think :). 

I then brought Maybelline's New York eye studio in the colours Iced Fudge and Beige Nude. I'm all for mute nude tones and these seem like really good colours for me especially seeing as I'm hitting pan on a lot of my other nude coloured eyeshadows which should show how much I use them as I have a lot of nude/brown eyeshadows. These also have a bit of shimmer to them as well which I very much like the look of. They were also only £4.09 each which makes me a very happy girl as I'm pretty skint at the moment which therefore means my budget for anything make-up related is pretty much non existent . My Birthday and Christmas couldn't come sooner :D 

chat soon guys


  1. That pink punch colour is so pretty! Love it!

  2. I absolutely love the baby lips lipbalm, such an easy thing to shove on and also add some colour to your everyday makeup. I have pink punch and the colour stays on for a fair while. Good value for £2.99 :)

    Rachel xx

  3. totally didn't realize they were lip balms, but that seems like such a good idea! I'm like you, my lips are awful in winter. might have to get some of these! x

  4. I couldn't live without my baby lips! I'm not the biggest Maybelline fan but omg these are amazing and so cheap too! :)



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