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So item number 2 on my Cosmo blog awards outfit list was Shoes. Now I'm not your typical shoe loving kind of gal. I find shopping for shoes a chore and get absolutely no pleasure out of it. I think this is for a multitude of reasons I prefer to be in my house with a cosy pair of slipper socks on or just plain old slippers and then there's the fact I have man feet depending on what type of shoe it is I'm either a 7 or an 8, these particular shoes are an 8, but that just puts me off shopping as it requires too much work on my part. Then my right foot is bigger than my left foot and that just causes problems because I prefer not to buy one shoe bigger than the other and I have to decide which is more comfortable a bigger shoe on my left foot or squeezing my right foot into a slightly too small shoe and don't even get me started on sandals lol... 

Now all that being said these shoes are the perfect type of shoes for a not so shoe loving type of gal. These are really good for me in the sense that they will go with a lot of my clothing something I generally look for in shoes is that I can pretty much wear it with anything, it's the complete opposite of me buying dresses, I have dresses that I've worn once or actually never in my wardrobe which I know sounds awful but some of them I'm just waiting for the 'right' occasion to wear them.

As a general rule I don't wear stiletto heels due to the fact they require far to much effort to walk in and buy the end of an evening either my feet hurt too much or I will have fallen over too many times to count. These are great because they have a chunky heal that I'll be able to walk in and the platform will make them even easier to walk in and really comfortable to. This is also good because then I'm unlikely to fall over and make a total prat of myself in front of strangers :). 

I also love the fact that they are simple and won't detract from the outfit and will just compliment it :) 

Go find them here

 chat soon guys


  1. Lovely shoe boots, I would love to be able to walk in them xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Mannnnnnn I love New Look shoes! Always a bargain and so stylish - good choice.

    Wonderful blog.



  3. Those are gorgeoussssssssssssss shoes! I wish I could find a pair of boots that nice! It seems impossible in New Zealand :(


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