One proud Twin...

Hey Blogland,

So my twin sister gave me some awesome news. She got a job that she's finally happy with. 

Megan has never really known what she wanted to do with her life until the past few years, the past few years she has been determined that she wanted to be nurse. Until recently we didn't know that the NHS only excepts University trained nurses until we were told by some of my nurses back when I had my infection. The problem is Megan has never been one to sit and listen to lectures and absorb the information, don't get me wrong I'm not saying Megan is stupid she is actually very smart but she learns on the job, she's just an active learner, its just the way she learns. 

For the past year and half she's believed she can become a nurse by getting in via some small job and working her way up, that's actually how you could become a nurse at one point and she was really upset that, that was the case but being my sister she has never given up. 

Just like most adults Megan currently has a job that merely pays the bills, she can't stand her job. She works in a call centre and her job eats at her. She gets phone calls from people threatening to kill themselves while she's on the phone because they owe the bank money. Even though she works in costumer services it's more about selling them things they don't need than actually providing the people with a service they actually need and it eats away at her. 

The past month or so Meg has actually been off ill from work because her job is making her ill, it is giving her migraines where she can barely stand people talking to her because their voices are too loud and she just seemed physically and mentally drained the stress of it was making her ill. Having to hit selling targets when you thought you were applying for a job where you help people but actually don't stresses her out, you get encouraged to sell things to people that they don't need and she hates it. But she does it because she needs to pay her bills, buy food you know everything everybody needs money for. 

So while she's been trying to recuperate she's also been trying to find a job in a field that she would be happy in, being the kind hearted soul my sister is she wants to help people. She really wanted to become a nurse who specialised in my condition ultimately but she can never do the university thing so she's settling with helping other people instead of me.

I got a phone call from her yesterday and she told me that she got a job at a place nearby that helps disabled children, they provide respite for families who have disabled, mentally and physically, children. She'll be able to work her way up through the place by doing NVQ's which is on the job training and she'll actually be doing something that she wants to do and helping people.

So to say I'm one proud twinny is an understatement!  

 chat soon guys


  1. Ohh wow! That is fantastic news! Good luck to your sister in her new job x

  2. aw that is amazing news :) hope your sister loves her new job xx

  3. Megan has always been able to talk someone's ear off! A call centre would be perfect, if only it was in an area that helped people. Has she ever considered joining the samaritans?

    I have to say I reckon she could become a nurse, in all honest doing the course part time may take 6 years but she would do incredibly well at it. After the lectures it's just plain nursing and a lot of the course is placement! I say she goes for it! Pass this on please ;)

    1. I will definitely pass it on Phil, maybe she'll listen to you :D xoxo


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