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So over the past few weeks I have been shopping for some very specific items. With the Cosmo Blog Awards looming I have had to put together and coordinate a outfit that I feel comfortable in but still looks good. The next few posts I write will be the things that I will be wearing and taking with me. So todays post is the bag I will be taking with me. 

Now ideally I would have preferred to have taken a really cute small shoulder bag or a clutch bag but circumstances being what they are I had to find a black bag that fit all my medication in without being hideously large to. Whilst this being inconvenient for style purposes as I would very much have preferred a small clutch to go with my dress it does however mean I will probably get a lot more use out a larger bag on a day to day basis and that is where the Bowler bag comes in.  

As a rule I love River Island bags I would say about 70% of my bags are River Island. This bag was £40.00 which is probably about average for their bags and I don't mind paying that kind of money when I know the bag is of decent quality and I get the use out of it. My experience with River Island bags is that they are extremely durable and very convenient as with most of their bags you get two different carrying possibilities with two top handles and a adjustable long strap. 

The dimensions of the bag are Height 23cm, width 33cm, so definitely not the biggest bag I've owned but big enough that I will be able to carry all my medication with me to the party without people wondering why I've brought everything but the kitchen sink in my handbag :). 

I will always recommend River Island bags as they are of exceedingly good quality and always very roomy on the inside for all those essentials we girls tend to carry :) 

 chat soon guys


  1. Oooh I love the shape of it! I really want a nice structured bag, they're so smart!

  2. love the bag! i am making a bag in sewing technology class at school and i am hoping to make one similar! fingers crossed ;) x
    Claudia x


  3. This is a nice bag but i wish it was all matt. So hard finding the perfect bag for autumn/winter.



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