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Heya Blogland, 

I love the idea of just sitting out in the rain :)
So it's nearly a week since my false alarm. I think it's whipped me into shape, that a few words from some friends and me feeling pretty awful all week has helped.

Last week before my false alarm I had, had a good run of good days and when they happen you sometimes forget your ill and so when my false alarm happened I think my thoughts, which I expressed in my previous post, were reinforced by the feeling of wellness I had been experiencing. People have told me that what I had been feeling was completely normal, which I think it is, and also a few other transplant awaitees have said they feel the same but I have to remember that I wouldn't be on the list if I didn't need to be. The rest of the week I have felt awful, there's no reason behind it, it's just something that happens sometimes a bit like my body needs refuelling. I went to work and afterwards I remembered exactly why I need my transplant, I can't walk up the stairs in work I have to get the lift (which is an old industrial lift btw and one of the scariest things ever!). I walk down to the locker rooms and I literally feel like my chest is imploding and this is all after only a few hours of work, then the prospect of walking to the car is something I dread every week. I like to pretend I'm normal but I'm not and I am ill and I need my transplant. I can't guarantee that I won't be panicking the next time I get my call because I probably will but I think the next time I will be able to remember that it's my only option.  

I think I might start to feel better soon I've had my oxygen on for about 5 days straight, the only problem is I take it off and then my chest feels like my lungs want to escape from it but hopefully a day or two more and it might feel a bit better. Luckily the weather is turning into my favourite type of weather, rain! I love rain, i love the sound of it and just love watching it :D, so at least it's not to hot and humid adding to that feeling. 

I am also once again the queen of procrastination and my work has seriously taken a back seat this week but this week I'm going to try and do a bit of catch up I just wish it weren't so easy to get distracted. 

Oooo and if you want check out what can happen when you get a transplant check out my friend Kath's blog, it's really great and enlightening and I really enjoy reading it so I totally recommend it. 


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon Sweetness! Such a beautiful read as always. You're an inspiration Stacie!

    Gracious Silhouettes

  2. This is a random question. Do you need the oxygen all the time? Or is it just when you're not feeling the best? Stay positive and I hope that you receive your call for real sometime soon. :)

    1. Hey Elise, sorry I'm only jet replying. I'm supposed to be on oxygen at night for at least 10 hours and then I use whenever I feel bad too so at the moment that is nearly 24/7 but theres sometimes where I don't wear it at all, it all just depends on how my body is :) xoxo


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