Quick Trip to A&E...

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Me in A&E
So last night I was changing my dressing [05-10-2013] on my line and noticed some puss (sorry there is no other word to use I'm afraid) coming from around the line. When I had my infection in July/August I actually didn't see any puss around my line because it was all trapped under my skin and doctors didn't see it until they were cutting my line out. So I figured since I was actually seeing puss coming from the line it would probably be a good idea to go up to hospital and have it checked out. I thought about leaving it a few days but the thing is a few days makes a hell of a difference when it comes to infection and the longer you leave it the harder it is to get rid of, as I discovered last time. 

So I got up to A&E where I was shuffled through to there resuscitation unit because A&E was full and resus seemed to be where they were putting people who had more of an idea of their condition than the doctors/nurses as I was being a bit nosey and listening in on other peoples issues :). But the doctors and nurses were lovely they did everything I told them they needed to do and because there were no obvious signs of infection like I had last time - with the infection travelling up my neck - they only had to do normal bloods and blood cultures. All my obs were normal and my normal bloods came back okay, and because I seemed okay within myself they let me come home and they'll ring me if they find anything on the blood cultures although I suspect if I don't hear from them on Tuesday I'll be giving them a ring on Wednesday just to make sure :) 
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