Rain + shopping...

Heya Blogland, 

So today is the day after the 'supposed storm' if you class a bit of wind and a bit of heavy rain as a storm then I'm afraid to say the UK is in a constant storm. What is wrong with people?! I actually enjoyed the weather, I got to sit up and listen to the rain at 2am this morning and it just made me feel really happy. Rain is one of my favourite things in the world and if it was constantly raining like it has been for the past 2 days it really wouldn't bother me at all.

Me and My sister actually ventured outside today and went to town, we did have other plans but they unfortunately changed when we thought this stupid 'storm' was supposed to happen. I was determined to get a bit of christmas shopping done due to the fact I have nothing for my Mum's Birthday or Christmas and I didn't want to be in the situation where I may get my call and then she be left with nothing. Whilst out I had the opportunity to start her Birthday/christmas shopping and most importantly I got to walk in the rain, it is one of mine and Megan's favourite things although it's much better when it's heavy rain than that horrible fine rain we get most of the time but today was the perfect type of rain :). 

Whilst we were out I also brought a few things that I can show you because they were for me and you know me I can't go shopping without at least buying something for myself lol. 

I popped into lush because they have their Christmas line out and I really wanted pretty much all of it but I restrained myself and only got 4 of their bath bombs, I'm super excited to use them!

I also popped into Newlook where I brought these two tops, this photo really doesn't show how nice they are but I was really tired when I got in so getting changed several times again wasn't really an option for me lol. The one on the left is just a mesh type material with a shimmer through it and it looks really pretty in the light and it will be worn off the shoulder. Probably not the most winter appropriate but I've never really been known to dress with the seasons, prime example being me wearing net material tops in the snow :). Then we have a really cute slightly woolly, not a jumper but then not a t-shirt either, perfect for layering up and I just really loved the hearts on it :). 

And finally we have the wrapping paper that I brought because I have none and therefore needed to get some so that I'm at least a little bit prepared as you can probably tell I go for really cutesy wrapping paper either that or glittery paper so far I haven't seen any very nice glittery paper that I like but I'm sure once the festive season draws in more it will come out :). 

I would love to show you everything else that I brought today but unfortunately the people's who's stuff it is read my blog and therefore I can't show it or they'll know what they're getting for their christmas presents :). 

Anyway I hope you all well in blogland and I will attempt to write again soon unfortunately my life is slightly on the mundane side at the moment which I suppose is good because it means I'm not ill and I'm not in hospital or anything so although mundane might not be good for my blog it is certainly good for me. Now that we're entering November though some more interesting stuff should start happening :D

Chat soon guys 


  1. I love listening to the rain in the early hours, I find it oddly relaxing x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Listening to the rain is my favorite thing ever. I love sitting up and listening to proper storms as well. I love the sound of thunder :) Your bath bombs look awesome! I wish we had a bath in my house now! I'd kill to have a nice, long soak now!

  3. I love that heart print jumper... I have a couple in a similar style which in the summer are good to keep a bit warm in evenings and in the winter they are great to layer up!!
    I love storms.. I was pretty excited but didn't enjoy driving to work in the strong winds on Monday!
    Lottie xx



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