Hey Blogland, 

So I'm currently suffering from a cold which decided to rear it's ugly head this morning, I guess thats the price I have to pay for having a busy few days lol. I actually felt it coming on yesterday because I had a sore throat but considering all my sore throats recently never turned into anything I didn't really pay much attention to it. So this morning I wake up and I feel like crap, sore head, sore throat, sore nose and my voice also resembles something of a mans voice lol. I can't complain really though I haven't had a full blown cold in a while and if I have one now hopefully it means I can avoid having one over Christmas. I think it's been at least 10 years since I didn't have a cold or chest infection over Christmas so I'm not holding out much hope :). 

I've had a busy few days just generally doing quite a lot not having much a of a chance to just sit down and write to you guys.  So while I sit here wrapped up in my newly acquired cat jumper, I figured it was the best time to do it :). 

I got to see one of my besties Rosie as she was down for her Dad's Birthday and we did our usual sit and chat about everything for I think it was 3 or 4 hours and eat a lot of Pizza and Cookie dough. Once again me and Rosie both got mistaken for 18 year olds. This will always be strange for me and I probably shouldn't complain because I'm sure when I'm 30 I will be happy to still look like an 18 year old, I think the thing for me is I've looked exactly as I do since I was like 13/14 years old (maybe with just a thinner face nowadays) and when I was 14/15 I could get away with being 18, so my teen life people mistook me for being older and now that I am older people mistake me for being younger it's just odd. Maybe if they listened to mine and Rosie's conversation then they would just assume we're older when we chat about politics and history LOL.  

ignore the fact I look horrific
We had a pretty laid back halloween this year we just all sort of gathered at my sisters house with a bunch of friends, beers, food etc. and just had a laugh. Sometimes it's so much better when you can just chill out and sit on a sofa and just chat to friends. That is more my kind of evening :) 

Meggy, Me, Candy and Sam
Ben, JoFo, Salter, Dean and Warren
Then last night we had our own little fireworks in our back garden because first we refuse to pay extortionate amounts of money to go see displays elsewhere when we grew up being provided with  fireworks displays by the RAF and they never charged anybody to go see them, and they were always amazing and the ones you pay to go see are really always rubbish. Anyway away from that rant we went and brought a few fireworks and decided to do some, we made sure to buy the quiet ones because Jaydon and Megan both hate loud fireworks. It was really good no-one ended up killing themselves with the fireworks and I got to use sparklers which is always my favourite part about bonfire night :D

Meggy and James (meggy's fiancee) being silly :) 
Me and Candice freezing, good thing I have a massive coat! LOL   
Me and little Jaydon playing with sparklers 
Me and James being super cool and managing to get James to take a photo :) 
Right I am probably going to go back to feeling sorry for myself with this retched cold but I'll be sure to write again soon :) 

Chat soon guys 


  1. CAT JUMPER!?!?
    I live in my Cat Jumper.. I love it a little too much. In fact I wore it to answer the door to trick or treaters on Halloween :)
    I hate colds. I always get them and always at christmas! So you are definitely not alone on that front!
    Lottie xxxx

    1. I think everybody has to have a cat jumper :D

    2. They do make your life that little bit better hehe :)

  2. ahh get better soon!! your halloween/fireworks sound fun, i'm always way to scared to do my own fireworks! lovely picture of you with the big fluffy hat! :)

  3. I love Bonfire Night especially the sparklers Jayden looks so cute! I never seem to get away with not having a cold at Christmas either :( hope you feel better soon

    Kate xx


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