Fully prepared...

Hey Blogland, 

Well although my life has been anything but interesting I figured I should do a blog post because I like to do one at least once a week because I don't want you guys thinking I've got my call and I haven't LOL. 

I am 100% prepared for December, I'm so excited about Christmas! All my shopping has been done and wrapped and all Christmas cards written all they need is a stamp. I feel so prepared this year because I wanted to make sure I was because obviously having 2 false alarms this year I figured if it was going to happen anytime it was going to be December. So now that I'm prepared if it does happen all my family and friends will have something from me no matter what way the op decides to go, which makes me very happy. Although now that I'm this prepared I just know it won't happen I've kind of jinxed it I suppose LOL.

To be honest I have always said that I would prefer not to have my transplant over Christmas or my Birthday because I don't want to miss it all but for some reason this year I kind of don't mind. Imagine if I got my call between my birthday and Christmas or my Mum's birthday it would just give me an extra excuse to celebrate in December. December has always and will continue to be my favourite month of the year and if it were to happen then it would just make it a million times better. What's missing 1 year when I could get 10, 20, 30 more years out of it? 

After being completely prepared for the coming season me and my sister are off to our spa day on Thursday/Friday I'm getting my nails done (which are in dyer need of professional attention) and having a facial because I'm not allowed massages and Meggy is getting a back massage (because of her bad back) and a facial as well. I'm super excited it's always nice to get pampered, and we may get some shopping in while we are there on the Friday as I really want to pop in to MAC and maybe buy a few sneaky little things :D. I'll try and take some photos and do a blog post on it for you :). 

Anyway other than that my cold is pretty much gone and I'm feeling really happy within myself other than a few down moments about being a little annoyed with a certain attachment in my chest but nothing amazing to worry about and hopefully it won't be there for too much longer and then I can just have 2 scars to remember it by :) 

Also exciting news The PHA are doing another PH conference in April next year and I'm once again forcing Megan to go but she'll enjoy it, she did last time LOL. I'm pretty sure a bunch of my PH friends are making their way there too and I cannot wait to see them! Hopefully I'll have had my transplant by this point but PH will always remain a part of my life, it made a massive indent in my life and I don't plan on just tossing it aside because I happen to no longer have it. I'm soooo looking forward to next year so many exciting things are happening :D 

Chat soon guys 


  1. I can't believe you have done all your shopping already that is so prepared. I need to start shopping for christmas already.


    1. I think the only downside is that christmas is going to take forever to get here because I'm so prepared LOL xoxo

  2. You are sooooo organised! I was like, yeah I'll do all my shopping in November.. almost half way through, have I started... nope! Whoops!!!

  3. I've been reading your blog for quite sometime now but have only just followed you in the past week or so (I know crazy right?! hehe).Anyway I would just like to say your a massive inspiration, to not only me but to others across the world whom may stumble upon this incredible blog. You probably get tons of messages like this but I thought one more wont hurt hehe :) Anyway enjoy your spa day with your sister and I'm glad your feeling better. Also I've got my fingers crossed for that phone call for you :) and I love how prepared you are - wish I was so organised hehe :) If you need anything at all I'm just a message away <- Just red over the last part and it sounds kinda weird coming from a stranger like me but we all start of as strangers to each other right? or am I just weird hehe :)
    Best of luck
    Ashleigh <3

    1. Aww thank-you Ashleigh!! That doesn't sound weird at all and it means So much to me that you would even want me to message you. You are far to sweet :)


  4. I pretty much have most of my christmassy stuff done too, its always best to be prepared. Enjoy your spa day! x


  5. i think i better get a move on with all the christmas shopping!! :)

    Leyla xx
    Leyla Writes...

    1. LOL if I wasn't so prepared and done I would be panicking by now LOL it's a bit of an obsession to be this prepared LOL


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