Hotel Bound...

Heya Blogland, 

Well as some of you may remember I told you about my aunt sending me a spa day for two which me and my sister took advantage of it yesterday and today. I got to have my nails done and have a facial as well. My nails look so pretty and I love them! They are a gold base with a gold fibre polish on top, I think they would be really perfect for Christmas and I may have to get something similar done nearer the time, although saying that the hotel had christmas stuff everywhere and it definitely felt like Christmas in there :). My face feels great after my facial and I completely recommend it if you feel like your face needs a bit of 'revitalisation'. Meg also had a facial but she had a back massage too and she says that although her back feels much better she felt very 'exposed', it was So funny when she was telling me about it, but if her back feels better then I'm all for it. 

I also had the wonderful opportunity to see one of my transplant friends while we were there! He lives over in Wales so it's hard to see each other but seeing as we were there it was a good time to do so. We could have probably spoken for days, I really wish people lived closer to me. 

I'm likely to be a bit MIA for a week or two I have an insane amount of work to do, as always I suppose, but it always just sort of sneaks up on me. I also have a bunch of doctors appointments soon I feel like everything just happens all at once. Well hopefully once I get this next 2 weeks out of the way I'll be done till after Christmas and that gives me a chance to enjoy December :)

Mine and Peggy's room in case you are wondering I had started doing my drugs in this pic lol
Treatment room after I had, had my facial 
My prettyful nails 
It was definitely Christmas there :) 
Chat soon guys 


  1. The nailpolish looks indeed very nice! Have a nice weekend.

  2. I second that, your nail varnish is gorgeous! xox

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