Unexpected hospital visit...

Hello Blogland, 

My very tired mother and me, I got bored LOL 
So my blog this week was meant to just be about me avoiding doing my work and just being out and about with my friends and all the normal stuff life brings. Those are the types of of blogs, although not interesting, we like because it means I'm fine, I'm not scaring anyone ect. Oh no, no, no my body decides to freak the hell out of me last night. 

So last night I was minding my own business in the middle of a perfectly normal argument with my dad, as you do, and then suddenly the right side of my body decides that, that is the opportune time to go entirely numb, then my right arm decides to move entirely by itself because it certainly was not me moving it and I'm not sure I can move my arm the way it was moving itself either LOL. I also couldn't speak properly which scared me more than anything because I was trying to communicate to my mum and dad something was wrong but the only thing that was coming out of my mouth was weird noises. Anyway we rang 999 and they were super fast and a ambulance got there within 10 minutes, after 20 minutes I was getting the feeling back in my right side and I felt pretty normal just a little freaked out and I had a massive headache. 

When the paramedics arrived they did the normal checks asked about a million questions because of my massive medical history they needed a general gist of what was going on. By the time all that was done I felt okay but I had unusually high oxygen levels for me which is good for the doctors and paramedics but may not have been that good for me because i'm not used to oxygen levels that high. Normally I sit between 85%-87% but when they did my sats I was 94% and I'm never that high not even when resting and on oxygen so that was unusual. They took me to A&E though because they were concerned that it could have been a precursor to a big stroke and if it wasn't it just meant they could rule it out and try and figure out what it actually was. The numbness however happened again as I got into the ambulance and my hand decided to once again move by itself which is so weird to see. I was tachycardic the entire time but that's really not that unusual for me. 

I got to A&E and it's looking really nice in there, they're doing it out it's looking better than I've ever seen it :). They did some tests and we can definitely rule out a stroke, the fact that I'm on Warfarin makes me twice as unlikely than a regular person to have one. If I had been having a stroke there would have been something serious going on with my blood and heart and there wasn't So Yeyy! The doctors were kind of flummoxed and have no clue why it happened and the problem is my right arm  keeps going numb and has actually been doing so since they put my new line in back in August so we potentially think that it has something to do with that and it maybe something nerve related. 

On a positive note when they got my blood results back the doctors did say that if they didn't know about my heart and lung condition and were solely going on my blood results that I would be one of the fittest people they've ever seen. Apparently my haemoglobin levels are like that of some-one who lives in the Himalayas which apparently is really good, amazing cholesterol levels, I have no infection markers so from my blood results it would appear that I'm a completely and unusually healthy young lady, so at least I have one thing going for me LOL. 

I'm going to be ringing Hammersmith today and see what they want to do about it and hopefully I will be totally fine and I'm really hoping that is my last visit to A&E this year I feel like I'm becoming far too familiar with that place.

Chat soon guys 


  1. glad to hear your ok you brave little pea!


  2. Why does this happen to us ? Its a horrible thing and more annoying nobody can give us an answer :(
    Glad its over , take it easy sweet cheeks .x.

  3. Glad hear your ok! But that must of been so scary x

  4. Glad to hear your okay, must be horrible! Your so brave, and really are inspiration to us all! Let's hope that it the last visit of this year! :-) xxx

  5. Thankfully you're ok!

  6. You're really amazing Stacie! I can't believe how relaxed you seem to be, you're so brave and I'm so glad you're ok!

    Kate xx


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