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Hey Blogland, 

So considering my last blog was a bit depressing I thought today's could be cheerier and as it was my birthday yesterday/Saturday I thought I would show you the things I got for my Birthday which I'm so thankful for and love them all! Just a little note from my last blog post because I did get a lot of messages from people asking me if I was okay and all that type of stuff and I love everybody for the messages of support and love, but I am okay, I still feel a little down but I do have more down days that I lead people to believe and unfortunately my last blogpost was a very, very down day which don't happen to often and when they do no-body is around to see them and I usually don't blog about them lol. But just so everyone knows I'm really fine and feeling much better and getting really into the christmas spirit :D. 

So moving on here are the things I got for my Birthday :) 

Watch from my Parents - Beautiful bracelet from Tracy 
Ted Baker Make-up bag from my bestie Rosie and little little mini Ted Baker smellies 
City of Bones series LOVE! and Great and powerful oz DVD :)

Manicure stuff from the Lovely Kirstie
Gorgeous smelling smellies from the wonderful Kath and Rob (they smell insane!) 
Soap and Glory goodies :D
Beautiful scarf and things to keep my lips in good nick from my awesome big sister 
Lots of lush bath bombs from the Big sister she also brought me Ferrero Rocher but they did not make it long enough to have a photo taken lol 
My beautiful bag from Topshop
My really pretty dress from Lipsy really hard to take a photo on my own LOL
A closer view of the dress
This dress was the dress my awesome twinny got me and I'm so in love with it :D
I also got tickets to see Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Take away tour in August next year from Meggy's Fiancee James and I'm so excited to see them, I love Ant and Dec! Tah Dar and that is everything, I love everything I got yesterday and can't thank every-body enough for the presents and card etc. 

I haven't been that excited about turning 23 if I'm honest but yesterday was really just so much fun as I got to go out on my christmas work meal last night as well which was just one massive laugh. I'm going to stick the link in to my Birthday album on Facebook so you guys can see the pictures but there was far to many to post on my blog this year lol, so I hope you enjoy them :) 

Chat soon guys 

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  1. Wow what a lovely birthday haul and that dress Lipsy dress looks stunning x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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