Christmas time...

Heya Blogland, 

So Christmas has come and gone, if you're anything like me you spent the past 3 months preparing for what seems like the fastest day of the year. Blink and you'll miss type of deal lol. 

I was very fortunate to be able to spend my Christmas with my wonderful and amazing family whom I love and adore. Christmas Eve was pretty boring, it mainly consisted of me trying not to fall asleep because I didn't go to bed the previous evening until about 3/4am and forced myself up at 9 am knowing that I wouldn't be able to sleep that night if I didn't. I pretty much spent the day chilling out with my Dad watching christmas movies. Then in the evening we were joined by the rest of my family and because no-body could be bothered to cook we ordered Dominos. I was then left in charge of my oldest nephew Jaydon to try and keep him occupied whilst the 'Santa's' smuggled his presents out into the car LOL. I really wasn't very successful and he's far to inquisitive but they managed it in the end :). Even though I had been shattered the entire day just like every other year I managed to become wide awake as soon as it was time to go to sleep, I lay staring at my ceiling from 11pm till around 2:30am or at least that was the time the last time I checked my phone LOL and because I'm still a child at heart my body then proceeded to wake me up at 5am! I don't have a clue what's wrong with me sometimes. 

Christmas was AWESOME I got far more than I deserve and I love everything I got! A particular favourite being my MAC palette with 4 eye shadows and now I cannot wait to buy more to fill it with. I feel very lucky and privileged to have such an amazing family. I had hoped that I woundn't need to wear my oxygen this year but unfortunately only getting about 2 and half hours sleep rendered that impossible lol. So I spent the morning investigating all my presents while my Mum and Dad scurried around preparing Lunch which smelt amazing! I finally got an opportunity to wear my Birthday Lipsy dress. Then my Twin sister Meggy and her Fiancee James arrived around 11:30am and they seemed very chuffed with all their gifts too.  Lunch was UH-mazing as per usual. My mum and dad make THE best roast potatoes in the history of the world, and I finally got my Gammon fix that I have been craving for freaking weeks LOL. 

After being well and truly stuffed we had our table presents which this year consisted of scratch cards, I'm officially the unluckiest human being in the world I never win anything :( lol. We played with our racing Santa's that came from our crackers and there was far much cheating going on to actually call a winner although Megan unrightly claimed to be so LOL. We then made our way to my older sisters house at about 2:30pm where there was a very excited nephew who now really understands Christmas. We stayed there for a few hours and then finally made it home where I pretty much wanted to pass out for the rest of the day but managed to hold it together to watch Doctor Who (EPIC) and Downton Abbey, then I slept for a blissful 13 hours :D. 

Christmas Eve ~ Candice, Peggy and Jaydon
Christmas Eve ~ Warren, Jaydon and Me
Christmas Eve/Day ~ All my lovely gifts wrapped looking lovely and Christmasy  
Christmas Day ~ My favourite gift ever!
Christmas Day ~ New nail kit, really good so far! 
Christmas Day ~ Most of my presents unwrapped :) 
Christmas Day ~ My gorgeous Twinny and I 
Christmas Day ~ James and Peggy  
Christmas Day ~ At the older sisters house :) 
Christmas Day ~ Classic sisters photo :) 

Chat soon guys 


  1. Sounds and looks like a lovely Christmas Stacie! Have a great new year too :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!! Lovely photos!! x


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