Christmas Wishes...

Every year I make wishes, especially at Christmas time, it's just that sort of time where you're thankful for what you have but there is so many other things you can think of that would make your life better for the coming year that you can't help but wish for some of the things that would help do that. I don't know why we do it because who are we expecting to make these wishes come true? I don't believe in god so I suppose I'm just throwing it out there in the universe in the hopes that whatever it is that's out there makes them come true. Or we just make them because they make us feel better, it makes us thankful for what we have but it gets off our chest what we're worried about and that right there just makes us feel a little better. 

I make some of the same ones every year. I wish my family could have just a little more money, not to be extortionately rich but just to make life easier. As much as I hate this about the world, and hate that this is the way it is, money does make life easier. It's not that we don't have a good life because we do but I would just like that little extra so my parents wouldn't have to work so hard, so that when things break you don't have to worry about when you're going to be able to replace it and you can just go buy a new one. Just little things like that, that would make life just that little easier on my family.

I always without fail wish to be skinnier. That kind of came true this year I'm over 2 stone lighter than I was last christmas although even with that weightloss I don't think I will ever be happy with my weight, it's just one of those things lol. 

Then since being put on the transplant list there is my extensive list of wishes that I make for everyone. I wish that all my fellow awaitees get their calls or at least stay healthy enough that they will be able to have their transplant in the end. I wish for my very close transplant friends that they don't have to wait any longer and I definitely got some wishes answered this year and so instead I will wish that their lovely shiny new organs stay all shiny and they stay healthy and thrive in the new lives they have been given. Then I wish on behalf of everyone post transplant that they stay healthy too. 

I also make sure that my family and friends are included I wish this year that my family have an easier year next year, this one has been a bit of a tough one for them, I'd like life to just give them a bit of a break this year. 

I suppose there's only so many wishes you can make really, and as much as I want to be selfish and say I wish to get my transplant and then go on and live my life the way I've always wanted, because that is what I want to say, with all my heart that is what I want to say, but if I have to choose one of my wishes it will always be everybody else. What is my life if everyone around me isn't well? isn't happy? Isn't doing the things they love? aren't thriving? 

I so hope that this year is my year because I'm not entirely sure I'll make it to the next one but my Christmas wish will always be that I want all my friends, family, transplant friends and PH friends to stay healthy and happy for the coming year and that will make me happy and be enough for me I think.

In the mean time I'd like to wish every-one a very Happy Christmas wherever you are and however you you are spending it, I'm sure my next blogpost will be full of christmasy things for you to enjoy :) 

Chat soon guys 


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