Happy Dance...

Hey Blogland, 
So today I am doing a massive happy dance! I don't care that work was miserable and I had to serve the grumpiest people on the planet and that I felt like crap afterwards because I got to Speak to Bernice today! 

Now since Bernice got her transplant I've being getting regular updates through her mum, which has been awesome and I'm so thankful for them because they make me feel a little better and I know that she is okay. But today I actually physically got to speak to Bernice and it is just like the biggest most massive sigh of relief because I know that Bernice will tell me exactly how she is feeling and I really know she is okay now. She seems to be doing wonderfully, she's been moved to the Mallard ward which is the ward they move you to after the ICU, she's only on paracetamol, no oxygen and a few drains have been removed too. 

She told me that she remembers having the tube down her throat which is something I know we were both worried about and I still am obviously but I'm trying to take it in my stride and hoping it won't be that bad, I just have to not think about it when I get my call or we know I'll be super anxious about it. I'm so pleased she didn't lie to me about it though because the doctors keep telling me I'll be completely out of it to remember so far everyone I've come across remembers. I would much rather be told the truth so I can prepare myself for it. 

So now that I know Bernice is A okay I can now buy her present which I'm super excited about and just knowing that Bernice is okay is making me SO excited to get my transplant it's going to be AWESOME!

Chat soon guys 

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