21months waiting...

Good Morning my wondrous Blogland, 

It has officially been 21 months since I was placed on the transplant list. 21 very long months. I honestly didn't think I was going to be one of these people, you know one of the ones who had to wait an exceedingly long time. Not because I'm special or anything (I'm in fact the very opposite), I just really thought I wouldn't have to wait this long. I thought when they said you might have to wait 2 years for this it was something they say because they have to, like side affects to pills that probably won't happen but they put them there just to cover their arses, I figured they just say you might have to wait 2 years because they have to cover all their bases. Then the realisation hits that you aren't going to be one of those people you hear about who only wait a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. You are in it for the long haul. What makes it harder is that I don't even have the option of just getting lungs if I got that bad, it literally is all or nothing for me, no compromise, no in-between. 

All that being said I'm so pleased to still be here and I'm confident it will happen eventually, I've just got to be patient. All this waiting will be worth it in the end. My life is waiting for me and I will get there :) 

I have actually got Hammersmith today and will be having lots of lovely tests and what not so hopefully we'll discover if there is anything wrong with me that we are currently unaware of and hopefully everything will be fine and dandy. 

I just want to say thank-you all for being so wonderful and supportive and being with me on this journey it means a lot.


So that up there got written yesterday, before yesterday happened. So I was supposed to go to Hammersmith yesterday as the above indicates but oh no life and the universe had other plans. The hospital transport decided to break down on the way.  I honestly thought me and my mum were going to die in that car and I'm actually amazed we even made it to Reading. The car showed signs of failure just as we hit the M4 and it wouldn't go above 60mph and every time the guy attempted to accelerate it would slow down and he was intermittently driving on the hard shoulder every time the car decided to suddenly go down to 20mph. It was also really foggy yesterday and you could barely see 20foot in front of the car at some points. I was anticipating being hit by a massive lorry most of the journey. Thankfully the driver decided to pull in after some persuasion from my mother. This then resulted in me and my mother being abandoned at the Reading service station for 5 hours. The transport people told us they were only going to be an hour and after 2 hours I got fed up and basically rang them every 15-20minutes because they kept telling me a car would be there "in 15-20minutes" trust me when I say after 2-3 hours of being told a car would be there in 15-20 minutes I didn't believe them. 

So needless to say we didn't make it to Hammersmith so I have to rearrange the appointment which I'm guessing probably won't be until my original appointment on the 10th of February. Great lol.  

Yesterday just did not go to plan. I didn't think spending 5 hours in a service station would make me tired but by the time I got home I went to sleep and pretty much stayed that way till midnight, woke up for about 2 hours and stayed asleep until 10:15 this morning :) which is why this blogpost is happening now instead of yesterday when I actually intended for it to go up.  

So we'll just forget yesterday ever happened LOL 

  Chat soon guys 

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