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So last night I had my first trip to A&E of 2014. It has to be said I knew I wouldn't go through 2014 without having a visit or two to A&E but this was a tad sooner than I would have liked. Unfortunately whilst walking to a taxi with a few of my friends my body decided it was time to collapse. It is the first time in quite a long time that it has happened. Collapsing doesn't scare me if I'm completely honest because before I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension it was a regular part of my life and it was just normal that I would occasionally faint on people. However when I got diagnosed they put a little tube in my heart which keeps my pulmonary artery open and in affect stops me from being able to black out completely but I can still collapse but after they put the tube in it seemed to stop any and all collapsing/fainting episodes probably thanks to the medications they put me on as well.

So I have been exceedingly fortunate to have gone many years without having fainting episodes.

Unfortunately more recently I have been getting closer and closer to fainting/collapsing. My doctors are all fully aware of this and we all knew I would eventually start fainting/collapsing again when I started getting worse. I just obviously wasn't as vigilant yesterday as I normally am because I never normally let myself get to a point where I will collapse.

I think it's going to just be a case of me having to more careful and not let myself get to that point again, not just for me, but for the people around me because that has to scare people and I never want to scare anyone. Luckily for me the people I was with yesterday called an ambulance and were really great but I just feel so bad having to put anyone through that.

It was a pretty bad experience in A&E to be honest. They took about an hour to take any bloods even though they considered me a "High Risk" patient. They had no idea what my obs were meant to be or my Blood pressure and had to keep asking me what they were meant to be, really reassuring! Then when I went for a X-ray they had no idea that they would be seeing a lot of different things in my heart that have been put in there over the years, which I then had to explain what they were even though I don't even know entirely what's in there as a lot of it was done when I was like 5 years old. Then they wouldn't let me leave because my blood pressure was low (which it wouldn't have been had they let me eat or drink anything) and my heart rate was pretty high which isn't completely abnormal for me. Then they kept telling me I had to wait to be seen by the medical team to review the results. After 5/6 hours in A&E they then moved me up to a ward where they told me I would have to wait a further 3 hours to be told the results of my bloods and x-ray even though they considered me a 'high risk patient.' At this point I was pretty fed up and was not going to wait another 3 hours to be told I was fine, as I knew I was, because I know my body better than most doctors and therefore  I discharged myself.

Normally I'm a fairly patient person and I don't get mad or impatient with nurses or doctors because I know they have a hard job, I've witnessed it on many occasions but last night was just an utter shambles. Having to constantly repeat yourself to every Tom, Dick and Harry is frustrating, why haven't they read my notes? Then when the doctor treating you doesn't even write down half of what you've told him (which you wouldn't have told him if it wasn't important), which is why you have to keep repeating yourself. Then they try to use a dressing on you that you've already told them you're allergic to, you just get to a point where you're a bit fed up.

Hopefully that will be my last visit to A&E for a while because I will be avoiding it like the plague!

Chat soon guys 

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