The Year ahead...

Hey Blogland, 

So I'm sat here munching on a tub or Paprika Pringles, watching season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, whilst texting, facebooking and tweeting  a few friends and writing to you lovely people all in the name of procrastination and my eternal mission to avoid writing an essay. 

I did decide to write this post yesterday, I just didn't plan on writing it so soon but may as well while I'm not doing what I'm meant to be doing :). So my sisters seem to think my last post was depressing because they think that because I think this year I will either die or get my transplant that is apparently depressing. Maybe I don't have a good radar for these things but I don't think that, that is depressing I'm just extremely realistic and I'm not going to fool myself by saying I'm definitely going to make it to 2015. I refuse to give me or anyone else around me that kind of false hope and if that means I have to be very blunt about my situation I'm afraid that's just the way it has to be. That being said I do believe with my whole heart that I WILL get my transplant this year, it is going to happen I just know it. But even with that belief and the belief of everyone around me I think it would be stupid of me to think making it to 2015 is a guarantee because it's not, not for anyone really. 

Even with that on my mind I'm totally excited about 2014 I have a tonne of things happening that I'm really excited about, last year I didn't really have anything planned to keep me occupied but this year there's a few things and I'm sure that more will pop up throughout the year too. I have a massive family visit next week which I'm excited for because we don't get to see each other too often so I'm looking forward to meeting new cousins who have appeared recently and catching up with others.

In February me, my friend Rosie, her sister and her Boyfriend are going to see Taylor Swift, I cannot even begin to describe to you how excited I am for this. I'm not normally a music person I very rarely know who sings a particular song or their names but Taylor Swift is one of the few people that has made my list of frequently listened to people. I actually think this is one of my favourite Christmas presents that I've ever given someone and I know Rosie love her too so we are equally as excited as each other. Eeeeepppppp! 

April I have my Pulmonary Hypertension conference. I am SO excited for this I get to go to a beautiful hotel which I love and get to hang out with some of my amazing PH friends, it was a fun weekend last time and I'm more excited bout it this time :). It's really good to be able to meet with people that get what you go through every day, who understand. You can talk about things that generally you don't because it's not "socially" acceptable and you get to have some fun and learn things too. 

Then I have Mine and Peggy's annual Vampire Diaries convention in June. Always a weekend of fun with some of our lovely convention friends who are THE only people who understand why you have an obsession with particular fictional characters and similar obsessions :). 

Then in August the thing I think I am THE MOST excited for is The Ant and Dec Saturday Night Take away tour. I'm so excited for this I cannot even tell you. I Love Ant and Dec so much, I watch everything they present they're just so funny! I actually have no idea what the tour will be like or whats going to happen on it but I really don't care it's going to be awesome either way :D. 

I'm sure more things will happen throughout the year that I'll be excited for but so far these are my main points of focus for me to sort of aim for and they'll keep me excited throughout the year :). I also plan on visiting more of my transplant friends and other friends who live a bit further afield because I think it would be good to sort make more of an effort on that side of things.  

I hope you guys had a awesome New Year and hope that you have lots of exciting things planned for this year too, I could use some ideas for more things to do if you want to suggest anything within the England area :) 

Chat soon guys 


  1. Ooh you have lots of exciting things planned and I know so many people who are going to see Taylor Swift x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Stace you are inspirational and you are going to make it because this will be your year!! Xxxx

  3. Great post Stacie.....This year I am going to do something I have always wanted to do since I was a child....I will float over Bristol in my first ever hot air ballon flight. I'm not sure if you can do this with PH, but if you can, it could be worth thinking about for your bucket list...???? You will get your transplant in 2014!

    1. I'm not sure I can with the altitude but I definitely do that post transplant it sounds awesome!!! xoxo


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