Happy Valentines Day Blogland!

I am relationship-less but that doesn't make me cynical or anti-valentines day. I like Valentines Day, I like that people tell their other halves how much they love them and I get to see lots of beautiful flowers and gifts all over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I still believe that you don't need a specific day to tell people you love them because I tell the people that I love that I love them everyday but I think Valentines day provides those who may have really busy lives the opportunity to just stop and think for a bit and show their partners, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife that they do love them, not that they haven't all year but sometimes for some people life can be one big jumble of work, school runs, children, bills, stress, all the things that make life hectic and busy for some people. I'm not saying those people should go out and buy massive bouquets of flowers and lots of chocolate but Valentines day sort of reminds people to take just an extra minute to let their loved one know that they love them and that's what I like about Valentines day.  

I'm on a bit of a get people to sign up to the organ donor register tirade today if you follow me on any of my social medias you'll know lol. I'm losing my patience, like really starting to lose my patience with this whole waiting malarky now. People keep saying to me "it's going to be soon" and I know they are just trying to keep me positive but it's really starting to lose it's significance especially after all this time.  I keep going over in my mind what was significant about those days when I had my false alarms, was there anything that was the same on both of those days? Was there anything that I can replicate that was significant in meaning I got those calls? It sounds SO ridiculous even as I'm sat here typing this and I know it's just ludicrous and stupid because there is nothing you can do that will help you get your call. I've started putting my phone on my desk/shelving unit thing because I normally sleep with my phone in my bed and somehow in my mind I think maybe the universe thinks I'm being too presumptuous like "Oh she's so certain she's going to get her call that she sleeps with her phone so she doesn't miss it. So we'll just make sure it doesn't happen." So by moving my phone to my shelving unit this is somehow going to help me get my call. 

Then there's the days that I wash my hair, I'm almost positive my call will not happen on one of these days or more specifically after I have washed my hair. If that doesn't make sense I'll try and explain. So when I get my call, normally they make patients wash their hair before they go to theatre, now me, that will not happen. It won't happen because my hair is so thick it will not dry before or even during the surgery, on average my hair takes between 12 and 15 hours to dry naturally. By having wet hair they would be risking giving me hypothermia which nobody wants. After surgery it's going to be a while before I have a opportunity to wash my hair probably a week or 2. So this in my mind means that I'm likely to get my call on the day that I plan to wash my hair, where it's gotten to the gross greasy stage and my call will happen before I get the opportunity to wash my hair, therefore I will have to spend a ridiculous amount of time with rank hair. 

I'm almost certain it won't happen on a Saturday because the universe just wants to see me killing myself at work and therefore has a good laugh about that one. 

I reckon it's likely to happen when I haven't eaten all day or haven't had my dinner yet or just a point in time where I'm really hungry because the universe knows that once I get that call I can't eat anything and therefore will get it's jollies off of the fact that I will want to chew my own arm off.  

See I know I'm crazy, I'm fully aware of that fact but when you have been waiting for as long as I have all these little scenarios start to go through your head niggling at your brain sending you certifiably insane. 

So if you're going to do one thing today please let it be that you sign up to be a organ donor be it to show people that you really do care or to just simply stop me from going insane Join the organ donor register <3

Chat soon guys 

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