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So last night I got to see Taylor Swift at the O2. It was quite frankly UH-MAZING! I've never actually been to a concert before... Yes, I know, I'm 23 and have never been to a concert. I've just never liked a band or person enough to go and see them in concert. Or I have I just have other things I would rather spend my money on. But back in October when I got the email to buy Taylor Swift tickets early, and I was really disappointed when I missed her on her last tour, I decided was going to buy tickets for me and my friend Rosie as her Christmas present. I made sure to buy really good seats as I figured if it was going to be my first concert I was going to do it properly and have really good seats, that and the fact I don't really do heights and trust me when I say the seats further up are pretty damn high and I can only imagine me being scared the entire time being sat up there lol. I was actually really surprised at how close our seats were I got Row N because I figured that was close enough that we would have a great view but not so close that we would be deafened but the sound boxes. But to my surprise we were literally only 3 rows away for the runway part of the stage which she performed on for quite a lot of it. 

I had such a great evening, it was awesome to be surrounded by thousands of people who were screaming and yelling and singing together. I'm pretty sure everybody in that place knew every single word to every song she sang, there was no need for her to sing at all really LOL. The only slight disappointment was that her 'surprise guest' was Sam Smith whom I have never heard of, I really wanted Ed Sheeran to be the guest, we are in the UK after all. Hey ho can't get everything in life can we? 

I think if I had a proper bucket list last night would have definitely ticked one off on the list :)

Here are a few photos I took so enjoy. 

Panoramic of the Arena 

Chat soon guys 


  1. Ah this looks amazing. Her outfits are spot on!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Replies
    1. I kind of wish I had taken my proper camera as these were on my iPhone Sarah, but pretty good considering they were just on my phone :D xxx.


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