My mumsey...

Me and my mumsey
So if you guys knew my mum you would know what a rare picture that up there is. My mum is the type of person who doesn't like having her picture taken and the whole new world of selfies is far beyond her. Photos of her usually consist of her as a blur or strategically hidden behind a object or child LOL. That was actually taken in hospital when I was super bored, which also shows how bored she was to agree to taking it :). 

So this blog is a dedication to my mother. As mothers days is imminent/2 hours away, I thought I would tell you all why my mother in particular is so wonderful. 

My mum has always been there for me, always. There is not a moment in my life that I can recall where I could not go to my mum if there was something wrong. She fought for me when I was a child when I didn't have a voice to fight for myself and she remains fighting for me today when I get too tired to fight on my own. She was there for the meltdown during Year 3, she would sit with me outside of my classroom because I was so afraid that my parents wouldn't be there when school finished. She helped me through the early stages of my PH when we were all adjusting. 

And now, in the hardest days of my life she is here, always! She'll listen to my worries when I over analyse things and am constantly paranoid. She will come stay with me until I fall asleep in the early hours of the morning because I am so afraid to go to sleep because I think that I'm going to die in my sleep alone. 

I am lucky enough that my mum is one of the only constant things in my life, she is always there, always loving, always wonderful and I cannot thank her enough for the love and support she's given me my entire life. 

So this one is for my mum   

Chat soon guys 


Do they wonder?

You know there are days where if I haven't moved in a while and my breathing feels completely normal, or what I assume normal feels like as I don't actually have anything to compare it to, I wonder what it must be like to be like that all of the time. What must life be like to be normal? 

Do normal people ever wonder what it must be like for us? Those of us who go to hospital all of the time. Spend hours in waiting rooms. Hours on hospital beds. Have given more blood than we can even believe. Had more procedures than we care to count. 

Do they wonder what it must be like to rely on a source of extra oxygen so that you are not in constant pain struggling to breathe? 

Do they wonder what it is like to take more medication than I care to admit? To have to be better than a nurse at your own medications because you cannot rely on anybody to be in control of your lifeline. 

Do they wonder what it is like to be in limbo? To be unable to move from where you are in your life?

It's weird because I know I wonder constantly what it must be like to be normal, to breathe, to only ever make a doctors appointment every now and then, to not have to remember to take medications or making them up in a sterile environment, to not have to be reliant on a machine, on extra oxygen to just be able to exist. 

I just wonder, do they wonder like I do?

Chat soon guys 


19 and 23 ...

Hello my lovely blogland, 

I was super proud of my little birthday set-up :)
Kirst and me playing around with Photo Booth
After a horrible week of death and sadness last week today  I got to celebrate one of my oldest and best friends birthday. Miss Kirsty Cato. Kirsty finally joined the old people club and is turning 23, technically it is tomorrow but we're celebrating today :) 

As I can't really do the whole club thing anymore, not that I ever really did but it's nice to have the choice if you know what I mean lol, I decided to buy a cake and tonne of sweets and of course pizza and celebrate the good old fashioned way with junk food and movies. 

Me and Kirsty have been friends since we were 4 years old in the days when we were RAF children and both lived in RAF Lyneham. Kirsty has known and been my friend through all of the stages of my life pretty much. 19 years is very long time. We went to the same school our entire lives except for the occasional move but we always seemed to make it back to Lyneham. Never always in the same classes though but we've remained friends.  

It's weird very few of my friends have known me through it all, but Kirsty is one of them. And today we get to celebrate her turning 23 which is awesome. I actually remember the days when we used to talk about getting a flat together when we were all grown up when we used to ignore that I was ill or it just was never an issue. When we used to just mess around on Kirsty's bunk beds and eating tonnes of crap food (Not much has changed there lol).

So this post is just a massive Happy Birthday to Kirsty :-)

Chat soon guys 


No words....

I honestly have no words for what a awful week this has been for the PH community, for the transplant community and for the CF community.

I told you yesterday that we in the PH community lost one of our dear friends Lynsey and what a awful tragedy that was for us, so unexpected, far to young. She was so lovely always there for people and willing to lend an ear and I know she will be sorely missed by everyone that knew her and was friends with her. 

Then this morning I learned of another friend who passed away. Kerry. You may remember be talking about her and her fiancee several times on here. Kerry had Cystic Fibrosis and was a shining light for all who knew her. Kerry was one of the first people to welcome me into the world of transplant just after I had been put on the list, we had some very long conversations and she helped me more than she probably knew. She fought SO very hard, for so very long and I just wish she had got the lungs she so desperately needed. 

All this death makes me so very angry because a lot of it doesn't need to happen. I know you cannot stop death it will happen to all of us eventually but Kerry was 23 and if there were more organ donors  she could have lived much longer.

I just don't understand why people watch it happen, why people cannot take 2 minutes out of their day to simply sign up and tell their families that is what they want. How hard is that? I don't think it is. 90% of people say they would take a organ yet only 30 odd per cent of people are signed up. We either live in very selfish society or people are just too lazy and thoughtless to do something about it.  

Please, Please sign the organ donor register and talk to your families

It is NOT okay to just sit by and watch!

Chat soon guys 


Wide awakening...

Today I decided to have a lie in because I managed i finish my essay yesterday after spending 8 hours straight in front of my computer. Unfortunately when I finally decided to get up I got a message from a PH friends sister which told me the awful news that a dear PH friend of mine passed away on Wednesday evening. 

Lynsey was such a lovely lady, she was only 36, that is not an age that someone should die at. She should have had years in front of her to spend with her husband Joss.  I think it's a shock for all because Lynsey even said that she had been feeling fine and was surprised when Hammersmith kept her in. 

I think when stuff like this happens, it makes you realise how lucky you are. It certainly is a wide awakening for me. I need to learn to appreciate everything I have, appreciate the time I have with my loved ones. 

I just hope that Lynsey, wherever she may be now is breathing easy, she fought a hard fight and I will miss her dearly!   
Chat soon guys 


It's okay to be afraid...

This was written a few days ago and it has taken me a few days to not pluck up the nerve per se but just to sort of be okay to post it, if that makes sense? I'm feeling much better since I wrote this and way, way better since the 'incident' LOL but still feel like it should be posted because of self reflection and all that jazz, if anyone has any clue what I'm rambling on about :) 

 Hey Guys, 

So this isn't a feel sorry for me blog. It is in fact a blog I don't want to be writing at all but I feel like I have to write it, because if I don't I feel like it would be too easy for me to forget about it and sweep it under the rug as if it never happened like I have been for the past few days. It's not that I want you all to be reading about it either because I don't like to appear weak, but I think this will be good for future me to see, it's something that I need to put down so that I remember after I get my transplant how far I will have (hopefully) come and how low I did get.

I have become a professional at being positive because I am, I am a positive, look on the brighter side of life, see the light at the end of the tunnel type of person. I always have been. The problem is when you are that type of person you bottle everything up and I mean everything. I do not let my parents see the things I worry about and the past 2/3 months have been really hard for me.

A few days ago I had a awful dream! I don't normally dream and this dream was so horrible and life-like and I woke up from it feeling like I couldn't breathe. What was the dream? Well it probably seems really stupid to anyone else but I dreamt that I pulled out my line from chest and suddenly couldn't breathe and I honestly felt like I could feel the pain. When I woke up I had to check about 20 times before I was 100% sure I actually hadn't really pulled it out, it felt that real.

So I had all this on my mind and then I still keep going to sleep thinking I'm going to die and can't seem to get it out of my head. My entire life I have known that I would not be making it to 80 or 60 years old. I have always known that I will be extremely lucky to see my 30th Birthday. It's just one of the many sad and unavoidable facts of my life. So for as long as I could remember I knew that I would die long before my family, it is something I have always known. The thing is I always used to be able to ignore it, it's never been something that has taken up a massive amount of room in my mind. However recently it is one of the only things I can think about. 

Death is something that has always been a very real part of my life, I thought I had accepted it. That is up until quite recently, it seems to be becoming more and more real for me and I'm not sure why but I've suddenly become very scared about it. I really do not want to die. I'm so afraid that I m going to be in a horrendous amount of pain or that I am going to be alone when it happens and I quite simply do not want to leave my family.

So all of that up there seems to have been building up for the past 2/3 months and the other day I felt a bit off and decided to go to bed and my mum came to say goodnight, she could tell I wasn't quite myself and asked me if I was alright and suddenly there's me bursting into floods of tears unable to keep anything in. I literally cried in my mum's arms for about an hour and she stayed with me for the rest of the night. I don't know what was wrong with me, I'm usually so good at keeping everything in and I like it that way because I don't want to upset people. I think it freaked them out because trying to think about it I don't actually remember the last time I cried in front of my parents it happens that little.

The reason I titled this blog "It's okay to be afraid..." though is because although I hate myself for being so afraid I think it's ultimately a good thing because being afraid of dying, of leaving, means I still have people, things I'm afraid of losing. It means I still have people in my life that mean so much to me that I simply do not want to leave them.

Chat soon guys 


Mini shopping spree...

Heya Blogland,

So today I had a blood test and my INR is back on track so we're going back to every 2 weeks, finally whoop, whoop! Anyway my sister and oldest nephew were taking me and we decided to pop into town where I brought a few goodies and may have brought a treat or two for little Jaydude (Jaydon's nickname lol). As I was pretty much forced to buy "Dusty" one of the aeroplanes from the movie 'planes' but I also brought some PJ's for his birthday which I know isn't till September but if I get my transplant in say August that will be the last thing on my mind.  

Anyway I thought I would show you guys some of the stuff I brought because I always forget too. I regularly have mini shopping sprees but I just forget to blog about it so today I decided I would share this one with you :)

Lush goodies
More lush goodies
Soap & Glory goodies
Barry M nail polishes 
Their colours
Lip goodies
OLAF and Monsters University

So as you can see I popped into Lush, Boots and the Disney store. There's a few things I didn't get to photograph due to the fact getting them off  of Jaydon would have been like trying to get  King Arthur's sword out of the stone, impossible! LOL. You'll be proud of me though I kept the receipt so I can tell you the exact names of everything and how much they cost, go me :D. Also Boot's is pretty much 3 for 2 on everything so that was a bargain!

What did I buy in Lush?

- Immaculate Eggception in Pink and Yellow | £6.95 each

I have had both of these bath bombs before and I honestly love them, I don't buy these ones for the smell although they do smell lovely, I generally buy them for the oils that they have in them and they make my skin feel amazing. I get quite dry skin on my legs so these really do help.

- Ickle Robot | £1.95 

I brought a ickle robot for Jaydon which is why it isn't featured in picture above and I thought I would buy him something because he was running round the shop pretty much sniffing anything he could get his hands on and forcing me and his mum to sniff things about a million times. I'm pretty sure Jaydon like the smell of everything so luckily he was happy with anything I got him :). 

- Fizzbanger Ballistic in Lemon | £3.25

I buy this one purely because I am in love with the smell of it! It's is just so Lemony and zinggy and just a very fresh smell that I can't get enough of. 

- Avobath | £3.25

So Avobath has lots of lovely things in it; avocado, olive oil, Bergamont oils and lemon-grass. It really helps the dryness I have with my skin and like the bath bomb above it smells so fresh and I always think something that smells fresh can make you feel cleaner :). I also brought one for my sister because she just wanted something to make her bathroom smell nice and she really liked this one. 

-Think Pink - £2.50 | Fluffy Egg Ballistic - £2.95

So I pretty much think these two are the same thing one just happens to be shaped like a Easter egg, they are both very sweet smelling which I love but the 'Think Pink' bath bomb has confetti hearts inside which make your bath extra special :).

- Bunch of Carrots Bubble bars | £5.95

I haven't actually tried these before and I'm looking forward to trying them but generally I'm more of a bubble bath person but I like to try anything and the fact that these were shaped as carrots made me want to buy them even more LOL. 

- Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly | £3.25

So this was a purchase that was never meant to happen but whilst I was at the till my little trouble maker nephew was forcing smells up my nostrils and this just so happened to be one of those smells and I liked it so much I had to buy it. It a very intensely sweet cherry smell which reminds me of my favourite Yankee Candle. 

What did I buy in Boots?!

- Soap and Glory Sugar Crush & Bath Float | £8.00 each

So I have recently run out of my Soap and Glory stash and needed more. I love the sugar crush one it smells amazing and I haven't been able to use it for about 2 weeks because I have been too lazy to go and get a new one, so massive yey for having it back in my life. Then there's the bath float which as I said previously I'm much more of a bubble bath person and I don't like stromg smelling bubble baths and this one is just perfect for me it's subtle. 

- Barry M nail varnishes | 'Gelly Hi Shine' Guava - £3.99 | 'Gelly Hi Shine' Prickly Pear - £3.99 | 'Texture effect' Duchess - £3.99 | Top/Base coat in clear - £2.99 | 

I tend to get very bored with my nail varnishes and therefore this was one of those times so I brought a few, what I consider spring colours, Gelly and Shine is my favourite formulation when it comes to Barry M but I also love their texture effect varnishes too as they last ages in comparison to most of their range. 

- Revlon Colour Bursts | Matte Balm, '250 Standout remarquable' - £7.99 | Laquer Balm '145 Ingenue' - £7.99 |

These I brought because I just really wanted to try them, I have a very expensive lipstick habit and if I am able to curb that even a little then I'm all for it. I love berry coloured lips and they really suit me so 'Standout Remarquable' was a must and I wanted a neutral toned one as well and 'Ingenue' is slightly lip-gloss like which I like without the stickiness of a lip-gloss so win, win.     

What did I buy in the Disney store?

- Olaf | £18.00

Yep I brought a £18 stuffed Olaf toy, and nope I am not ashamed to admit it. I'm the biggest Disney fan ever and 'Frozen' and Olaf stole my heart when I watched it so I'm sorry I couldn't not buy it :D.  

- Monsters University | £13.99 

I brought this simply because I had to and pretty much the same excuse as above I love Disney too much not to buy it, plus they were buy one get one free so I brought Little Mermaid for my sister because she had been complaining for freaking ever that she needed to buy the Little Mermaid. 

Tah Dar! So that is everything I brought :) Hope you enjoyed.   
Chat soon guys 


Weekend round-up...

Hello My Lovely Blogland, 

The most gorgeous human beings on the planet!

Well this is a bit of a weekend round-up... if you didn't happen to read the title lol.  

So my weekend consisted of 2 very different days. So Friday evening about the 'ye olde' hour of 11pm I was getting really horrid chest pains and usually a bit of oxygen just normally sorts it out but I was already wearing my oxygen and therefore I was just sitting in my bed unable to get anywhere near comfortable to be able to sleep for ages! So I think after an hour or so of being in a god awful amount of pain I decided I was willing to try just about anything because at this point I was still planning on going to work in the morning. As regular readers know I don't resort to any sort of pain relief unless absolutely necessary and this definitely seemed like the right time. I thought by the morning, after the night on my oxygen and pain killers I would be fine to go to work... 5am arrived my chest still felt like it wanted to implode... 6am arrived my chest still felt horrific... 6:30am arrived and still I felt awful. So by this point I knew there was no way I was going to be able to get off my oxygen to be able to go to work or be a functioning employee. 

It's not that this is a unheard of occurrence in my life or anything, it just annoys me because I consider myself to be someone that people can put their faith in, I like to think of myself as reliable. The problem is my body just gets in the way. It makes me unreliable. But like one of my transplant friends told me I need to remember that it is my body and NOT ME. This led to a day in bed, on my oxygen and sleeping. 

Then today (being Sunday) was a totally different story. I woke up to the most beautiful day... my kind of day. As a person I hate hot weather but like most of the UK I have been getting a bit fed up all the miserable weather we seem to have been having for the past like 5months. Today was a blue cloudless sky, the sun was shining, there was a breeze and it was just lovely and warm (but NOT hot, that's important!). My older sister turned up at my house at about 8:30 and practically dragged me out of bed. Luckily for me I think the day in bed and the day on the oxygen did me the world of good and my chest felt a lot better. We made our way to Meggy's house and spent the morning playing on play parks with my nephews. I honestly haven't done so much exercise in quite a while. I mean we walked at the pace of a snail but I was so pleased with myself. I mean I didn't get to race with my nephews like I would have loved to but I got to watch Megan and James race with them whilst Candice avidly took photos which I still enjoyed. It's definitely something I'm looking forward to being able to do post transplant, really enjoy time with my nephews. 

I think this weekend was one of those weekends where although I had a bad day it makes me appreciate the good days even more, and I have to learn not to be so harsh on myself because of something I cannot control :) 

Chat soon guys 


International Women's Day...

Hey Blogland, 

So today is apparently International Women's Day. I never knew this day existed but I am loving the idea of it. So I thought I would do a blog on 3 women in my life who I find truly inspirational. 

  Candice Pridden
So firstly we have my older sister Candice Pridden. Now a lot of you reading this probably haven't heard me mention her much but she really is SO inspiring. Candice is some-one who will fight for what she believes in, she is extremely strong willed and definitely one of the most opinionated people I know. Yes this sometimes works to my disadvantage as a sister but they are still qualities that I think are a good thing. When we were younger she was the cool sister, something me and Megan were never going to be and although she obviously, as a teenager, hated having annoying younger sisters who could potentially embarrass her, if Megan and I were ever in trouble she was there for us. Several situations currently pop into my mind. The thing is she didn't have to be, but me and Megan knew that if we were ever having issues we could go to her and no matter how annoying she found us as sisters she would still do whatever she could to help. It is still the same now! My sister recently had to go through something that nobody should ever have to go through. I have never talked about it on my blog because I'm not sure it's something I should talk about because it is something very personal to her and her little family. Now this thing that happened, happened back in November but it is not something that will ever go away. My sister, although you would not have found me saying this back when we were teenagers or even when Candice was 18 or 20 for that matter, was born to be a mother. She really is the best at it and she is bringing up two of the cutest little boys that I have the pleasure of being the aunty of. But when this thing happened my sister she carried on. She didn't let the overwhelming sadness of the situation pull her under, she carried on being the best mum possible to my nephews. That is something I honestly aspire to be like and find truly inspirational!

Bernice Perry
Now Miss Bernice Perry is someone you have heard me talk about previously and someone that not only me finds inspiring. I "met" Bernice last year during itv's 'From the Heart' campaign. I never thought that by being put on transplant list I would get to meet such amazing people who I would become friends with but Bernice was one of these people. Over the year me and Bernice have offered massive support to one another while we were both waiting for our transplants and then when Bernice finally got her transplant back in December. The fact that Bernice had her transplant in and of itself is inspiring enough for me and then she took all of it in her stride. It has made me less afraid for when I get my transplant. Bernice has actually become one of my best friends and that is something I never expected to happen when I got put on the transplant list. Bernice is someone that I can honestly tell how I'm feeling and I don't have to worry that I'm telling her too much because she knows exactly how I'm feeling, she is someone that I don't simply have to say "I'm fine" to. I don't feel like there are many people in this world that genuinely want to know how you're feeling and I'm lucky enough to have Bernice as one of those people. It is not only the fact that Bernice has helped me throughout my transplant journey and the knowledge that she will be there for me afterwards too but Bernice is also very inspiring in other regards too. Throughout her entire life Bernice has been fighting a disease, much like myself, but a very different kind of disease Cystic Fibrosis. I honestly don't know how people with CF do it and I applaud Bernice and anyone else with CF. She also continues to try and help raise awareness for CF and organ donation even with so much going on in her life. The fact that Bernice has been fighting her entire life and remains fighting to this day whilst still being one of the nicest most positive people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing is why I find her one of the most inspiring people in my life, and someone I will continue to look up too.  

Kath Graham
And last but definitely not least we have Mrs Kath Graham. Now Kath is also someone you have heard me talk about too. Kath has been my friend for much longer than my time on the transplant list although that definitely made us much closer. Kath is an example of endurance and bravery, she is one of the main reasons I remain so positive about my situation. Kath had to wait 2 years for her transplant and at the time I could only imagine what that must have felt like and can only now fully appreciate what it is she would have been going through. Kath not only has helped me on my transplant journey but on my PH journey too. Kath before she had her transplant had the same condition that I have. I can't really put into words how helpful it is to have someone that has been in the same situation that you are in. When I had to have my line put in, Kath was there for me when I had panics and worries about what was going on especially in those early days. The fact that she not only had her own things going on but still took the time to help me when I'd message her or ring is something I will always be so grateful and thankful for. Then Kath got her transplant in September last year I honestly could not have been happier to see someone get their transplant. Then even during her wait for her transplant and after her transplant Kath and her lovely husband Rob continue to try and raise awareness for PH and organ donation even whilst still getting to grips with the enormity of what just happened. Kath is a fighter and she fought every step of the way, since her diagnosis and then since transplant. She is getting her life back and I am so proud to call her my friend and she and her family are honestly the loveliest people I have ever met. Kath is simply inspiring! 

All three of these wonderful women make me a better person by simply knowing them. They are a demonstration of strength, bravery, endurance, patience & courage and so much more! I am lucky enough that I get to know them, have them as friends, family and even as an extended family. 

Candice's Twitter:- @candicepridden
Bernice's Twitter:- @bernicerae20
Bernice's Blog:- One Step at a time... 
Kath's Twitter:- @kagGraham 
Kath's Blog:- Kath's Transplant Blog

Chat soon guys 




Hello my lovelies! 

I am beyond overwhelmed by the response mine and meggy's Cosmo article has gotten. I always slightly worry about what people will think, because as a human girl we generally worry about stupid things LOL. So many people have messaged me though and told me that they've been out and brought it just to read the article. The article is obviously only a snapshot of our lives, a slice of the pie if you will, but it definitely shows and demonstrates some of the emotions that people like myself experience whilst on the transplant list and also what a close family member has to go through too. Obviously those of you who read my blog regularly know that that's only a piece of what I have had to go through and you've been on this journey with me too and understand that even on my blog not all of what I go through gets put on here and I think that would be an impossible task. The range of emotions that go through my head on a daily basis is insane and ridiculous and I would literally be attached to my blog if I wrote all of that down and to be perfectly honest it wouldn't make for great reading as it would be pretty boring lol. 

If I could hug and thank everyone who has messaged me, sent me love and support i really would, it really means the world to me that people actually care what happens to me and want to see me get my new heart and lungs just as badly I as I do sometimes. It warms the cockles of my heart :D

I suppose in addition to that I should sort of update you a little as my last proper blog was a bit of a memory lane blog which just a FYI me and Meg discussed it again and are still set on Harry Potter universe ;). This week has been a bit of a hectic one really, having blood tests here there and everywhere. I had the dentist on Monday and today as well because my wonderful tooth needs a stupid crown and I currently have a temporary one on it after todays visit which has resulted in the most sensitive tooth on the planet. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but you have to have regular dental check-ups when you're on the transplant list I can't actually remember the reason LOL but I think it has to do with infection and all that lovely stuff but anyway I have genetically awful teeth and therefore I always end up needing something done when I go which sucks but you know all in the name of dental hygiene I suppose :D

I also have a visit to Papworth on Friday which I'm super looking forward to, I get to see Bernice, as she's having a mini break there to have her first biopsy on her shiny new lungs, yay awesome coincidence. I will however have to tell Papworth about the ever worsening chest pains, the increased use of oxygen and the wonderful anxiety development at night time. Thats going to be a really fun conversation LOL. 

I have however discovered a way of avoiding the anxiety about dying during my sleep I literally don't get into bed until I know I'm not going to be able to stay awake much longer and because I feel dead on my feet I fall asleep pretty quickly and so I don't have that much time worry about it. It doesn't always work but it's the only solution I have at the moment.

Overall though guys I feel like mentally I'm a lot better than I was in January and even in February. I've kind accepted the fact that I'm getting worse and that even the increase in my drugs didn't help, although it may have internally and I'm just not feeling the affects of it which is likely and probable in which case it was beneficial in that regard. But I'm happy at the moment which I'm really pleased about. Happy is my default emotion and it bugs me when I'm not happy because I have so many reasons to be happy. 

Sometimes I have to give myself a talking to and remind myself that there are people who are far worse off than myself and that I still have a ray of hope however annoyingly late it may be ;)      

Chat soon guys 


Cosmo Day...

Hey Blogland!!

So what is today?!


Pancake day...

And Finally Cosmo Day!!!!

So today has been about 10 months in the making. Chantelle (who writes a blog here) who is my magazine agent asked me if I wanted to have my story in "Cosmopolitan". Now obviously considering I read Cosmo and love it I was like "YES!". I massively jumped at the chance but because of how big the magazine is and the fact that its a monthly magazine, it has meant that it has taken a fairly long time to come out. Back in January however I got asked for photos which I knew meant it was close to coming out and TODAY IS THE DAY! 

I'm really chuffed with it and I certainly hope that it makes people think about joining the organ donor register. Megan doesn't really like doing this type of stuff but she knows that if it helps get people to join the register and raises even a little bit of awareness she'll do it. Something I've found from this is that a few people I went to school with have got hold of me and have said that they didn't actually realise I was that ill, so massive points to past Stacie for being able to hide it so well :D

I think this comes joint first with something I'm proud of doing for raising awareness for organ donation and PH, this and when I went on Daybreak. I really hope I will get to do more things to help raise awareness. 

I've updated my Features page and I'm so pleased to have it as a new addition to it :). 
If you go and buy it the story is on page 189 
Chat soon guys