19 and 23 ...

Hello my lovely blogland, 

I was super proud of my little birthday set-up :)
Kirst and me playing around with Photo Booth
After a horrible week of death and sadness last week today  I got to celebrate one of my oldest and best friends birthday. Miss Kirsty Cato. Kirsty finally joined the old people club and is turning 23, technically it is tomorrow but we're celebrating today :) 

As I can't really do the whole club thing anymore, not that I ever really did but it's nice to have the choice if you know what I mean lol, I decided to buy a cake and tonne of sweets and of course pizza and celebrate the good old fashioned way with junk food and movies. 

Me and Kirsty have been friends since we were 4 years old in the days when we were RAF children and both lived in RAF Lyneham. Kirsty has known and been my friend through all of the stages of my life pretty much. 19 years is very long time. We went to the same school our entire lives except for the occasional move but we always seemed to make it back to Lyneham. Never always in the same classes though but we've remained friends.  

It's weird very few of my friends have known me through it all, but Kirsty is one of them. And today we get to celebrate her turning 23 which is awesome. I actually remember the days when we used to talk about getting a flat together when we were all grown up when we used to ignore that I was ill or it just was never an issue. When we used to just mess around on Kirsty's bunk beds and eating tonnes of crap food (Not much has changed there lol).

So this post is just a massive Happy Birthday to Kirsty :-)

Chat soon guys 

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  1. Lovely post - that food looks lush! Hope you had a nice time! :)


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