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So what is today?!


Pancake day...

And Finally Cosmo Day!!!!

So today has been about 10 months in the making. Chantelle (who writes a blog here) who is my magazine agent asked me if I wanted to have my story in "Cosmopolitan". Now obviously considering I read Cosmo and love it I was like "YES!". I massively jumped at the chance but because of how big the magazine is and the fact that its a monthly magazine, it has meant that it has taken a fairly long time to come out. Back in January however I got asked for photos which I knew meant it was close to coming out and TODAY IS THE DAY! 

I'm really chuffed with it and I certainly hope that it makes people think about joining the organ donor register. Megan doesn't really like doing this type of stuff but she knows that if it helps get people to join the register and raises even a little bit of awareness she'll do it. Something I've found from this is that a few people I went to school with have got hold of me and have said that they didn't actually realise I was that ill, so massive points to past Stacie for being able to hide it so well :D

I think this comes joint first with something I'm proud of doing for raising awareness for organ donation and PH, this and when I went on Daybreak. I really hope I will get to do more things to help raise awareness. 

I've updated my Features page and I'm so pleased to have it as a new addition to it :). 
If you go and buy it the story is on page 189 
Chat soon guys 


  1. Hi Stacie, i've been following your blog for sometime but had never left a comment yet. I just want you to know that i totally admire your and rooting for yo! I hope your day will come SOON and congratulation to be featured in Cosmopolitan, i hope this will bring more awareness about organ donor like you hoped. Please know that someone all the way in Indonesia is supporting you *virtually*, big virtual hug!

    1. ((((HUGS)))) Awww thank-you SO much Mindy!! I certainly hope it brings more awareness and definitely hope my day will come soon too :)
      Lots of love!

  2. Wow, that's incredible. I'll have to pick up a copy of Cosmo as soon as possible to read your feature.


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