Mini shopping spree...

Heya Blogland,

So today I had a blood test and my INR is back on track so we're going back to every 2 weeks, finally whoop, whoop! Anyway my sister and oldest nephew were taking me and we decided to pop into town where I brought a few goodies and may have brought a treat or two for little Jaydude (Jaydon's nickname lol). As I was pretty much forced to buy "Dusty" one of the aeroplanes from the movie 'planes' but I also brought some PJ's for his birthday which I know isn't till September but if I get my transplant in say August that will be the last thing on my mind.  

Anyway I thought I would show you guys some of the stuff I brought because I always forget too. I regularly have mini shopping sprees but I just forget to blog about it so today I decided I would share this one with you :)

Lush goodies
More lush goodies
Soap & Glory goodies
Barry M nail polishes 
Their colours
Lip goodies
OLAF and Monsters University

So as you can see I popped into Lush, Boots and the Disney store. There's a few things I didn't get to photograph due to the fact getting them off  of Jaydon would have been like trying to get  King Arthur's sword out of the stone, impossible! LOL. You'll be proud of me though I kept the receipt so I can tell you the exact names of everything and how much they cost, go me :D. Also Boot's is pretty much 3 for 2 on everything so that was a bargain!

What did I buy in Lush?

- Immaculate Eggception in Pink and Yellow | £6.95 each

I have had both of these bath bombs before and I honestly love them, I don't buy these ones for the smell although they do smell lovely, I generally buy them for the oils that they have in them and they make my skin feel amazing. I get quite dry skin on my legs so these really do help.

- Ickle Robot | £1.95 

I brought a ickle robot for Jaydon which is why it isn't featured in picture above and I thought I would buy him something because he was running round the shop pretty much sniffing anything he could get his hands on and forcing me and his mum to sniff things about a million times. I'm pretty sure Jaydon like the smell of everything so luckily he was happy with anything I got him :). 

- Fizzbanger Ballistic in Lemon | £3.25

I buy this one purely because I am in love with the smell of it! It's is just so Lemony and zinggy and just a very fresh smell that I can't get enough of. 

- Avobath | £3.25

So Avobath has lots of lovely things in it; avocado, olive oil, Bergamont oils and lemon-grass. It really helps the dryness I have with my skin and like the bath bomb above it smells so fresh and I always think something that smells fresh can make you feel cleaner :). I also brought one for my sister because she just wanted something to make her bathroom smell nice and she really liked this one. 

-Think Pink - £2.50 | Fluffy Egg Ballistic - £2.95

So I pretty much think these two are the same thing one just happens to be shaped like a Easter egg, they are both very sweet smelling which I love but the 'Think Pink' bath bomb has confetti hearts inside which make your bath extra special :).

- Bunch of Carrots Bubble bars | £5.95

I haven't actually tried these before and I'm looking forward to trying them but generally I'm more of a bubble bath person but I like to try anything and the fact that these were shaped as carrots made me want to buy them even more LOL. 

- Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly | £3.25

So this was a purchase that was never meant to happen but whilst I was at the till my little trouble maker nephew was forcing smells up my nostrils and this just so happened to be one of those smells and I liked it so much I had to buy it. It a very intensely sweet cherry smell which reminds me of my favourite Yankee Candle. 

What did I buy in Boots?!

- Soap and Glory Sugar Crush & Bath Float | £8.00 each

So I have recently run out of my Soap and Glory stash and needed more. I love the sugar crush one it smells amazing and I haven't been able to use it for about 2 weeks because I have been too lazy to go and get a new one, so massive yey for having it back in my life. Then there's the bath float which as I said previously I'm much more of a bubble bath person and I don't like stromg smelling bubble baths and this one is just perfect for me it's subtle. 

- Barry M nail varnishes | 'Gelly Hi Shine' Guava - £3.99 | 'Gelly Hi Shine' Prickly Pear - £3.99 | 'Texture effect' Duchess - £3.99 | Top/Base coat in clear - £2.99 | 

I tend to get very bored with my nail varnishes and therefore this was one of those times so I brought a few, what I consider spring colours, Gelly and Shine is my favourite formulation when it comes to Barry M but I also love their texture effect varnishes too as they last ages in comparison to most of their range. 

- Revlon Colour Bursts | Matte Balm, '250 Standout remarquable' - £7.99 | Laquer Balm '145 Ingenue' - £7.99 |

These I brought because I just really wanted to try them, I have a very expensive lipstick habit and if I am able to curb that even a little then I'm all for it. I love berry coloured lips and they really suit me so 'Standout Remarquable' was a must and I wanted a neutral toned one as well and 'Ingenue' is slightly lip-gloss like which I like without the stickiness of a lip-gloss so win, win.     

What did I buy in the Disney store?

- Olaf | £18.00

Yep I brought a £18 stuffed Olaf toy, and nope I am not ashamed to admit it. I'm the biggest Disney fan ever and 'Frozen' and Olaf stole my heart when I watched it so I'm sorry I couldn't not buy it :D.  

- Monsters University | £13.99 

I brought this simply because I had to and pretty much the same excuse as above I love Disney too much not to buy it, plus they were buy one get one free so I brought Little Mermaid for my sister because she had been complaining for freaking ever that she needed to buy the Little Mermaid. 

Tah Dar! So that is everything I brought :) Hope you enjoyed.   
Chat soon guys 


  1. 'Mini' Stacie?!?! That is definitely not mini haha!
    I need to check out the Lush Easter range
    Estelle x
    Let Me Go Xo

    1. Haha LOL, this is mini for me Estelle....
      Or at least I thought so because I didn't buy any clothes :-/
      Well let's just say I won't be going to lush for a while haha :-D

  2. Owww you're making me want to take a trip to Lush! In major need of regenerating my bath bomb stash!

    1. DO IT Rosie!!! I'm in love with their Easter range :) xoxo

  3. everything looks amazing! I really want to go to Lush now!



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