Weekend round-up...

Hello My Lovely Blogland, 

The most gorgeous human beings on the planet!

Well this is a bit of a weekend round-up... if you didn't happen to read the title lol.  

So my weekend consisted of 2 very different days. So Friday evening about the 'ye olde' hour of 11pm I was getting really horrid chest pains and usually a bit of oxygen just normally sorts it out but I was already wearing my oxygen and therefore I was just sitting in my bed unable to get anywhere near comfortable to be able to sleep for ages! So I think after an hour or so of being in a god awful amount of pain I decided I was willing to try just about anything because at this point I was still planning on going to work in the morning. As regular readers know I don't resort to any sort of pain relief unless absolutely necessary and this definitely seemed like the right time. I thought by the morning, after the night on my oxygen and pain killers I would be fine to go to work... 5am arrived my chest still felt like it wanted to implode... 6am arrived my chest still felt horrific... 6:30am arrived and still I felt awful. So by this point I knew there was no way I was going to be able to get off my oxygen to be able to go to work or be a functioning employee. 

It's not that this is a unheard of occurrence in my life or anything, it just annoys me because I consider myself to be someone that people can put their faith in, I like to think of myself as reliable. The problem is my body just gets in the way. It makes me unreliable. But like one of my transplant friends told me I need to remember that it is my body and NOT ME. This led to a day in bed, on my oxygen and sleeping. 

Then today (being Sunday) was a totally different story. I woke up to the most beautiful day... my kind of day. As a person I hate hot weather but like most of the UK I have been getting a bit fed up all the miserable weather we seem to have been having for the past like 5months. Today was a blue cloudless sky, the sun was shining, there was a breeze and it was just lovely and warm (but NOT hot, that's important!). My older sister turned up at my house at about 8:30 and practically dragged me out of bed. Luckily for me I think the day in bed and the day on the oxygen did me the world of good and my chest felt a lot better. We made our way to Meggy's house and spent the morning playing on play parks with my nephews. I honestly haven't done so much exercise in quite a while. I mean we walked at the pace of a snail but I was so pleased with myself. I mean I didn't get to race with my nephews like I would have loved to but I got to watch Megan and James race with them whilst Candice avidly took photos which I still enjoyed. It's definitely something I'm looking forward to being able to do post transplant, really enjoy time with my nephews. 

I think this weekend was one of those weekends where although I had a bad day it makes me appreciate the good days even more, and I have to learn not to be so harsh on myself because of something I cannot control :) 

Chat soon guys 


  1. Hope you don't mind me commenting, stay happy, keep being yourself and keep inspiring people to be brave :)

    1. Hi Chris! of course I don't mind you commenting, I love it when people comment :) Thank-you SO much :) xoxo


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