Wide awakening...

Today I decided to have a lie in because I managed i finish my essay yesterday after spending 8 hours straight in front of my computer. Unfortunately when I finally decided to get up I got a message from a PH friends sister which told me the awful news that a dear PH friend of mine passed away on Wednesday evening. 

Lynsey was such a lovely lady, she was only 36, that is not an age that someone should die at. She should have had years in front of her to spend with her husband Joss.  I think it's a shock for all because Lynsey even said that she had been feeling fine and was surprised when Hammersmith kept her in. 

I think when stuff like this happens, it makes you realise how lucky you are. It certainly is a wide awakening for me. I need to learn to appreciate everything I have, appreciate the time I have with my loved ones. 

I just hope that Lynsey, wherever she may be now is breathing easy, she fought a hard fight and I will miss her dearly!   
Chat soon guys 

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