2 YEARS WAITING... celebrated with lots of chocolate...

Heya Blogland,

So it's Easter and officially 2 years today that I was placed on the transplant list, two very long years! 

Saying that though I say it's been long, it has but there are days where it feels like it's been a eternity and there are days where it feels like no time at all. I remember the day perfectly, I remember exactly what I was wearing and what I was doing and it sometimes feels like it was yesterday. Then there are the days that I'm ill and it feels like I've been waiting a absolute lifetime and in some sense I have because my entire life has been leading up to point where I get my transplant but it has only been the past 2 that my life has really depended on it. 

I don't feel down about it though, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it but maybe it's because it's Easter which means I get chocolate so thats replacing the normally resentful feelings I have about my "transplant list-aversary". 

Easter at my house is fairly quiet this year, we usually go and see my mum's side of the family but my mum's sister had a operation so we're letting her recover more before we descend upon each other. So this year it was just me and mum for most of the day. My dad was at work, my big sister went to a easter egg hunt with my nephews and then to her partners parents in the afternoon and I went to Frankie and Benny's with Megan and James this evening because I was in the mood for real food as I literally ate nothing but chocolate and sweets all day LOL. WE wen to my sisters new house that her and James have just brought and I'm so impressed with how much they have got done in such a short space of time. Their Bedroom is pretty much done, so is their 3rd bedroom and the Kitchen. They're in the process of unpacking but it's looking really great. I love it! 

This year we decided to do much less chocolate than we normally do and my mum got us a few presents instead. I got;- a malteaser bunny egg, a Flake egg, a button chick, a smartie hen... then I got a yellow t-shirt, a pair of pyjamas, a Vaults Wagon van lamp and 4 DVD's. 

I love my gifts they are awesome, I'm especially chuffed with my Vaults Wagon van lamp, if any one has ever heard me talk about what I would buy if I won and extortionate amount of money they will know that I always say I would go to Vaults Wagon and commission them to make me a brand spanking new Vaults Wagon van in colour of my choice and it would just be awesome!

In other news I think that my surface infection might be starting to dis appear it has much less puss and seems to be looking better too. I really hope so because I SO want to go to the PH conference at the weekend :).

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful day whether you celebrate it religiously or like me it's a just a good excuse to buy and get chocolate. 

Here are a few photos from my day :) 

All my lovely chocolate and gifts
My Mum and Das's easter goodies
My nephews easter presents :)
I got greeted at the door by a Jaydon bunny LOL 
Trying to take a picture of my sister's little family, the little children wouldn't stay still lol 
My extremely awesome snapchat photo this morning LOL 

Chat soon guys 

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