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So yesterday was weird. I was all set to be in hospital for at least a few weeks, I had packed my laptop, my kindle, chargers, DVD's, work for me to do, lots of pyjamas, a million pairs of socks, blankets and pillow at the ready but looks like the universe might be on my side for once. 

I got there and they did everything I told them to do before I had to see a doctor and I explained everything that Hammersmith wanted them to do to the doctor and that he needed to liaise with them about what else to do. He asked to see my line and he agreed that there is still puss coming out of it but with all the bloods that they had done there is no infection markers within my blood, which is great we like that news but he didn't want to put me through what I had to go through last year. Basically there is no in-between when it comes to treating this you either treat it the way we have been or we treat it the way we did last July which is very intensely and physically draining on a person. I told him how I think Hammersmith just want to be on the safe side because no-ones want me to get septicaemia again which I agree with because I can honestly say it was a horrible experience last time and I don't want to have to go through that again unless I absolutely have to.

So Tim the doctor went off to talk to his boss who oversees all the doctors in A&E and see what she thought, they were speaking to Hammersmith to get their opinion on it and then they were speaking to the microbiologists as well to get their take on what could get rid of the strain of infection that I have. After lots and lots of talk they came to conclusion that the strain I have needs longer on antibiotics and stronger ones too. It is the same strain I had last year (which I have already been told I'm easily susceptible to) and like last year I needed 5 weeks of antibiotics to officially get rid of it. We can already tell that the surface infection is on it's way out as there is a lot less puss than there has been so I'm on a further 10 days of antibiotics which they normally don't do but the microbiologist think that it should hit it hard enough to make it go away. They are making me feel sick and tired I'm not gonna lie but I can honestly say I'm more than happy to feel sick and tired in my own bed rather than a hospital bed. 

I'm surprised because things don't normally go my way like that, I usually end up with the crap end of the stick so yay go universe for being on team Stacie for once :). At least now I know I can enjoy Easter with my mumsie and I can still go to my PH conference next week so all in all I'm a happy bunny :)  

Chat soon guys 

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